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Pastor Tan’s Message 12 , April, 2013 Men’s Meeting

What you think is the problem is not what God thinks is the problem.
What you think is the solution is not what God thinks is the solution.
Before you can stand before your enemy, you must stand before God.”
-Pastor Tan Ye Peng, Men’s Meeting 12, April, 2013-

Joshua 7:2-5
Joshua just won a victory over Jericho. He then sent people to spy Ai.
He did all he could as a commander. He did everything he could, yet he still failed.
It is because they committed a sin. Committed: acted unfaithfully. They had broken faith with God.
Joshua asked God: why. He fell on his face.
God answered: why lie down. Get up.
What I think is the problem or solution is not what God thinks is the problem or solution.
Joshua asked what I shall say. God answered, say to them: sanctify yourself.
I can’t get my breakthrough unless I can stand before God.

Joshua 5:1-14
God introduced Himself as the Commander even though Joshua was already a commander.
God is more interested in revealing who we are than our winning.
Their fathers knew they were covenant people. However, because of their disobedience, God punished them.
The generation who had been born in the wilderness didn’t really know about the covenant.
When they were circumcised, they became the people of the covenant.
Even though the enemy was there, the problem was not the enemy. The issue was with their relationship with God.
After the circumcision, they were vulnerable. They might think it was like a suicide.
However, God’s protection was with them. The Canaanites were afraid not because of Israelites, they were afraid of God.

Joshua 7.
The men had to stand before God to bare their heart before God. Achan confessed his sin.

Joshua 8.
Champions are those who never quit. But before continuing, we should stand before God.

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