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CG Sermon 18, April, 2013: The Power of Forgiveness

2 Cor 2:5-11

There was an offender doing very big mistake.
Apostle Paul initially talked about punishment then forgiveness.
In godly leadership, discipline is always followed with restoration.

Love seeks to forgive and forget.
In the Lord’s prayer, we learn to forgive those who sin against us.
We forgive ’70 times 7′, in Jewish idiom it means ‘infinity’ or ‘all the time’.
To forgive simply means to let go, to release.

We should never hold a prolonged anger.
We decide first to forgive even before the offence comes.

1.) v5-6. Forgiveness releases God’s mercy.
2.) v7. Forgiveness restores the offender
3.) v9. forgiveness reflects through obedience.
4.) v10. Forgiveness refreshes us in the presence of Christ.
5.) v11. Forgiveness results in spiritual victory.

All Satan needs to do is to divide the church.
In particular, in the season like this, Satan is trying to divide CHC.
It doesn’t mean we literally forget the offence.
It means the incident doesn’t haunt us back anymore.

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