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Standing and Speaking Up for CHC Leaders

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Recently, Commissioner of Charities (COC) Singapore has proposed to remove CHC leaders from their respective offices.
In addition to that, COC has invited the community to make representation for the leaders.
A member of CHC, Madeline Chua, has set up a Facebook page,
encouraging CHC members to appeal to COC not to remove the leaders.
You can see her FB page here:

In conjunction with this current situation, I have sent an email to COC, hoping that they will consider not to remove the leaders.
As per Madeline’s encouragement, yesterday I sent a letter to COC too, complete with my signature and particular.
Above are the photos of my letter.

In short, there are two reasons why I hope COC will not remove the leaders.
Firstly, seeing Pastor Kong’s and the leaders’ integrity, I don’t think there is any ‘misuse’ of the fund.
Secondly, even if there is any ‘misuse’, I personally would not mind they used my (tiny) financial contribution to support Crossover project.
Through this project, many people have accepted Christ. To me, that is worth much more than the amount I contributed.
[Of course, I have no capacity to speak on behalf of the entire fund].

So, dear readers, if you support City Harvest Church and the leaders,
may I encourage you to stand and speak up for the leaders too?

The Ink Room Duty 20, April, 2013

Another news of happening in the bookstore!


Another team (team A) did a fantastic job by modifying the Bible well.
Heard they involved some calculation in making it.
Splendid job, people!

P4190002 P4190003 

Two sweet kids trying to play with cajon.
Keep up the great work! You two have got the rhythm!


A chocolate cake to accompany our debrief.

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Had this fruits dessert at food court at Changi T3 last week.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 13, April, 2013: Wholehearted Love

1 month before the investigation, Pastor Kong received a verse from a prophet.
Luke 22:31-32.
It was difficult to imagine as CHC was in the momentum.
Yet, in May 2010, the investigation started.
In Sept 2012, Pastor Cho counseled Pastor Kong: “God will cover you but you need to rise up in faith.”
We need to see from the eyes of faith, not from the eyes of flesh.

Lord Jesus came to give us His righteousness. Nevertheless, repentance is still the key to righteousness.
Jude 1:3-4
One generation after resurrection, some already turned grace into lewdness

Mark 12:30
Loving God is an expression of thankfulness of His grace. 3 ways of grace changing our lives.

1.) Justification. Eph 2:8
Justification relates to our legal position. It deals with the penalty of sin and it touches our spirit.

2.) Sanctification. 1 Cor 1:18
Sanctification relates to our living condition. It touches our soul.
We are changed in terms thought and will and character. It deals with the power of sin.
2 Cor 12:7-10
In the midst of persecution, His grace is sufficient.

3.) Glorification (Rm 5:9).
It relates with physical body. It deals with the presence of sin.

Mat 5:6
When we love God, we are hungry in the spirit for His grace.
Grace must leads us to entering authentic surrender to God.

You can download his sermon here:

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Men’s Meeting 12, April, 2013

Last week’s Friday I went for Men’s Meeting in Jurong West church.
Pastor Tan’s sermon was fantastic. Hope you like the summary I have posted Winking smile
In addition, the bookstore is going to sell his complete sermon.
Do grab a copy of it, ok? Winking smile

P4110007 P4110008 P4110010

Some competition before the church service.
The participants really had to do many funny things within one minute. Smile with tongue out


Free gift from the service. Shall read it soon as I want to become a good father in the future Smile

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Pastor Tan’s Message 12 , April, 2013 Men’s Meeting

What you think is the problem is not what God thinks is the problem.
What you think is the solution is not what God thinks is the solution.
Before you can stand before your enemy, you must stand before God.”
-Pastor Tan Ye Peng, Men’s Meeting 12, April, 2013-

Joshua 7:2-5
Joshua just won a victory over Jericho. He then sent people to spy Ai.
He did all he could as a commander. He did everything he could, yet he still failed.
It is because they committed a sin. Committed: acted unfaithfully. They had broken faith with God.
Joshua asked God: why. He fell on his face.
God answered: why lie down. Get up.
What I think is the problem or solution is not what God thinks is the problem or solution.
Joshua asked what I shall say. God answered, say to them: sanctify yourself.
I can’t get my breakthrough unless I can stand before God.

Joshua 5:1-14
God introduced Himself as the Commander even though Joshua was already a commander.
God is more interested in revealing who we are than our winning.
Their fathers knew they were covenant people. However, because of their disobedience, God punished them.
The generation who had been born in the wilderness didn’t really know about the covenant.
When they were circumcised, they became the people of the covenant.
Even though the enemy was there, the problem was not the enemy. The issue was with their relationship with God.
After the circumcision, they were vulnerable. They might think it was like a suicide.
However, God’s protection was with them. The Canaanites were afraid not because of Israelites, they were afraid of God.

Joshua 7.
The men had to stand before God to bare their heart before God. Achan confessed his sin.

Joshua 8.
Champions are those who never quit. But before continuing, we should stand before God.

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More Naruto Soundtracks!!!!

Some of the soundtracks in the anime have not been released into an album yet.
I was looking for one of them and a friend recommended me the following youtube soundtracks.
Basically the author simply extracted the soundtrack out from the anime then removed the unnecessary sound.
The result? Wonderful unreleased soundtracks.

Quite sad…

My favorite battle song!

Another battle theme.

Hehehe, Sasuke’s going to dark side.


Evil theme.

Mysterious theme.

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