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CBC491 Presentation 6, May, 2013

The other day I posted about CBC493, a small FYP course.
Now I am posting CBC491, a big FYP course.
It is really big as it carries 12 academic unit. Of course, everybody strives to get A in this course.

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My juniors ‘defended’ their posters in front of the professors.

060520136077 060520136081 060520136082

060520136083 060520136076

Should take photos with them too.

060520136067 060520136068 060520136069

060520136070 060520136071

But obviously, to me the highlight was… very food!!!
Since they could not finish the food, the extra portion goes to me!!
This shall be my breakfast, lunch and dinner in the next few days!!
Praise the LORD! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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