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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 6, May, 2013: The Touch of Jesus

This is Pastor Kong’s sermon before going for the trial.
Basically, it was a briefing for the church on what is going to happen.

2 cor 11:22-33
Paul the apostle founded many churches.
Planting churches is never easy. A church is more than just community center. It is an army of living God.
Pastor Kong and Sun love the church so much.
Many staffs have left the church and Pastor Kong can’t do much about them even though he loves them a lot.
When the investigation starts, many members may get shaken. However, let’s wait until the full story is revealed.
The focus of investigation is whether the church fund will be used to finance Crossover projects dishonestly.
The prosecution will start first on 15, May. Unlikely the defense will be heard in May.
We are first Christians, let’s strengthen one another in this season of trial.
Whatever that occurs, God’s grace is more than enough.

Rm 12:12
Rejoice in hope: stay positive.
Be patient in tribulation: maintain faith.
Be constant in prayer: God always moves whenever we pray.

The touch of Jesus.
The woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5) touched Jesus in faith.
Then, she was healed. Jairus’ daughter was dead. Yet, one touch of Jesus and she arose.
Touch of Jesus changes sunset to sunrise. Through Holy Communion, we touch Jesus.