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Dr. A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 11, May, 2013

Col 1:3, 4, 9
Colossians church had a wonderful quality of faith.
Apostle Paul prayed for them to have knowledge, understanding and wisdom.
Knowledge: gathering of information.
Understanding: interpretation of information.
Wisdom: application of information.
Faith plays a critical role in our lives.

Gal 2:20. Genesis 3:15
Paul established how we should live: by faith in Jesus Lord.
Satan wanted to corrupt God’s creation.
God planned to establish a society with free moral agent.
Freedom doesn’t mean to do anything I want. Freedom must be accompanied with submission.
Freedom without submission leads to bondage.

Rev 12:1
The woman refers to the nation of Israel as she has 12 stars.
Throughout Old Testament, God prepared His people.
The nation of Israel was born in the wilderness and led by Moses.
In the Gospel, the promise was manifested through the birth of Jesus Christ.
At first, Lord Jesus ministered to the Israelites. However, the nation rejected Him.
In the book of Acts, the message of salvation was propagated to the rest of the world.
Apostle Paul and the other apostles wrote epistles to explain Jesus’ manifestation.
Finally, the world history ends in consummation in which God deals judgment with the unbelieving nations while the church receives salvation.

We are believers.
We have mind-spirit, time, finance, relationship and experience.
Every crisis brings up faith: do we believe God or not?

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