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CHC Trial 20, May, 2013 (Day 3): Incomplete Story??

Am so proud of City News team for doing such a fantastic job.
A lot of people criticized City News, saying the content is biased toward the favor of CHC leaders.
I wonder if they realize WE ARE ALL BIASED one way or another: they are biased against the leaders where we for the leaders.
Yesterday I was looking for City News video high and low.
I did not believe there was no single counter argument from the defense.
The story I read in mainstream media focuses more on the prosecution’s argument.
But, wait, there was no way defense lawyers (who are Senior Counsels) could stay silent.
Why did not the mainstream media broadcast the defense argument too???

The prosecutor argued that:
-Xtron was a sham company.
-The money transfer was hidden from outside people.

The defense, on the other hand, tried to refute:
– Xtron was really a profitable company.
– The money transfer was not hidden from the auditors.

Koh was only not aware of the reason for transaction. However, she knew what happened during the transaction.
I really think the defense lawyers have made a very good counter argument backed up with evidence given the time limit of cross examination.

I don’t think it was possible to answer ‘why’ the transaction was carried out like that given that now is prosecution’s turn.
Maybe, when it is the defense’s turn, Serina Wee and Sharon Tan can answer it in case prosecutor wants to know.