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CHC Trial 21, May, 2013 (Day 4): Opinion and Possible Scenario

On day 4 of the trial the prosecution brought a witness Koh Siew Ngea who is a director of Xtron Productions.
The defense did not get a chance to cross examine him. They would do it the following day.
So, here I am, giving some opinion on the trial based on what written in the media and City News.

Prosecution tried to establish the close relationship between CHC and Xtron.
Indeed, as Koh mentioned, CHC always has supports Xtron as Xtron also supports CHC’s vision.
In fact, CHC decided who should become Xtron staff.

It is sufficient to see that CHC is really linked to Xtron.
However, that is something to be expected, in my opinion.
CHC is more than just a community center. It is a family too.
If I want to do business, I would rather do it with my own family member rather than outside people.
After all, with my own family members, I can be open to recommend people to hire or direction of business.
I have the impression than my own family members are more trustworthy than non-family members.

Prosecution tried to show that the bonds CHC bought from Xtron were not genuine bonds.
Hmm, I think the ‘genuineness’ of a bond should be defined first.
From my perspective, the bond is genuine because the document was prepared by lawyers and, eventually, the church gained interest.

It was also revealed that Wahyu Hanafi bore the risk should Cross over project incur losses.
What a big risk he really took! I believe God would reward him for his courage!

Now, one thing which still bothers me is the transfer of S$ 6 million from Singapore to USA to fund Sun’s career.
I believe CHC leaders can explain it when their turn comes.
Meanwhile, I will propose a possible scenario to explain it. My scenario may be wrong, I admit.

Crossover project is church project. Funding Crossover project is equal to funding a church project.
Since Wahyu took courage to cover any losses in this project, maybe CHC leaders considered this project as a form of investment too from business point of view.
In other words, if this project was a success, CHC gained some interest and people would come to Christ.
If this project was not successful, CHC would not lose money as Wahyu would cover it and people would still come to Christ.

Am looking forward to more news on the trial :)