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CHC Trial 23, May, 2013 (Day 6): Confusion

The final day of the first round of trial.
The media did not mention any cross examination done by the defense on this day.
Hence, I assumed most of the time the prosecution spoke and the witness, Mr. Koh Siow Ngea, testified.

On day 5 of trial, I have the impression that Mr. Koh actually sided with the defense even though he was supposed to be prosecution’s witness.
That’s why I praised him too Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out  Remember, we are all biased in one way or another Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
On day 6, the prosecution appeared to be questioning Mr. Koh, their supposedly own witness.
Still, I could sense Mr. Koh defending the Cross Over project in his answer.
The prosecution asked him regarding discrepancy of document signing: Mr. Koh signed it in 2007 but the document was drafted in 2010.
Mr. Koh answered it was just pure carelessness. No big deal about that, in essence.
And btw, actually the defense objected several documents the prosecution presented as they had not been marked in court.
But the judge still allowed the prosecution to use the documents.

Hmm, I am confused.
So far for the first two prosecution witnesses, the prosecution interviewed them once and then the defense cross-examined them once.
However, for Mr. Koh, the prosecution interviewed him two times while the defense only cross examined him once.
Hmm, shouldn’t the defense have got one more chance to cross examine Mr. Koh on day 6 too (after all the trial on this day only lasted for almost 3 hours, so there was no afternoon session)???

Anyway, the next round of trial will take place in August. Stay tuned, ok?
Stand still and see the salvation of God for CHC Smile Smile