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What I Will Do If CHC Leaders are Declared Guilty

A friend asked this question to me last year, “What will you do if the verdict says CHC leaders are guilty?”
At that time, I gave a very unconvincing answer. After all, that question caught me by surprise.
But now, in the light of recent trial, I have given much thought about this question.
And my answer is:

I will do as per normal. Nothing will change.
I will still be active in cell group, ministry and church service.
I will also still give tithe, offering and building fund.

Here are my 3 considerations:

Firstly, the details do not affect me.
I think I am still considered as visitor even though I have been active in CHC since 2005.
Since I have never been informed that I am considered as Ordinary Member, I can then conclude I am just considered as visitor.
As a normal member, I do not know many details regarding money transaction the church does.
I assume Executive Members know more details than I do.
In the first round of trial alone, already the court revealed plenty intricate details.
Since from day one I do not know them, it does not matter to me whether or not the court will reveal more of them.

Secondly, the end result matters to me the most.
Being in the research background, I am conditioned to get the final result.
While the detail is important, getting the end result is way more important.

(For example, a Physics professor is setting a new lab.
He will require his PhD students to align the laser system.
Most of the time, they have to decide which mirror, lens or screw to use and other details.
The supervisor is likely to be too busy to be bothered with such details.
His job is mainly to provide money.
His students may work overnight or may even sleep in the lab.
However, that won’t change the requirement of aligning the laser system.
Result, the perfectly aligned laser system, is the supervisor’s main concern and objective.)

Pastor Aries has announced the end result: no single cent is missing and, in fact, the church has earned the interest too.
To me, that is the most important thing I would like to know.
I seriously do not mind if my contribution to building fund goes all around the world.
As long as I know the end result which Pastor Aries has announced, I am more than happy even if I do not know the details.
Having said that, I understand the saying “The end does not justify the mean.”
However, this statement refers to morality and ethics issue, which I am not interested to discuss.

Thirdly, the bond investment in Xtron was a success.
Yes, it was a success as Pastor Aries has acknowledged.
No single cent was missing and the interest came too.
I really applaud Xtron for that.
As a comparison, 2 years ago I invested 10K in a bond from an insurance company.
I was told the interest rate was 7% per year.
2 years has passed. How is the bond doing? Kinda disappointing.
I still receive 7% interest. However, the bond value has dropped from 10K to around 8.3K now.
Have I made money? No. I’ve lost some money.
Man! Come to think of it….. I should have bought Xtron bond!!!!!!

The next round of trial will be held in August. It will be the defense’s turn.
Maybe I should attend it? I would like to pray for the leaders right there in the court room.