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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 9, June, 2013: The Tabernacle

Exodus 40
It represents the house of God and our ministry to Him.
There were furniture outside and inside the tent. Moses anointed the the them with oil as they were set only for God.
Also, Moses consecrated the people as priests: Aaron and his sons. Priestly garment was instructed by God. The priests were solely God’s.

God wanted the Israelites to raise up the tabernacle as He would use it as a dwelling place among His people.
When it was done, God’s cloud came. God took ownership of the tabernacle as His house.
Moses, as a contractor, could not go into the tabernacle as and when he liked.

Mercy seat is like God sitting on His throne.
The Holy place is like His living room where the priests could have fellowship under some lighting and aroma oil.
The brazen altar was in front of the living room and it kept burning, representing God’s 24 hours forgiveness.

The pillar of fire at night lighted up the whole camp, representing God watching over His people.
He never sleeps or slumbers.
Similarly, because of it, the priests could have lighting so they could minister at night too.
Sometimes, we, too, should minister to people at night or in the early morning.

The laver was for washing of hands before the priests entered the Holy place.
Similarly, before serving God’s people, we should pray that God will cleanse us.

Ex 19:6 John 1:14
Lord Jesus represents the Temple and the furniture of the tabernacle.
He is both grace and truth. Similarly, when we minister to others, we do it in grace and truth.

The animal sacrifice was to atone for the sins so God’s presence could come.
Let’s remove all the sins so the presence of God can come.

Heb 4:16, Heb 5:1-2
Lord Jesus doesn’t despise us. Hence we can approach His throne.
God calls us to be His ministers. We may think we are unqualified as we are imperfect.
However, the imperfection is what qualifies us since we can then sympathize with others.

Ex 39:32-43
It wasn’t easy to build the tabernacle. However they all arose in one accord to build it.
They really did it and in the end, Moses blessed them.
Similarly, CHC people should arise and build God’s house and minister in one accord.

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