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CG Sermon 13, June, 2013: Treasures in Earthen Vessel

2 Cor 4:7-12
Three things we can learn from the passage above:

1.) Like Jesus, we are always dying everyday.
Lord Jesus faced rejection from His own people. He wanted to heal, but His people refused.
He made friends with sinners, yet the Pharisees mocked Him as man of gluttony and winebibber.
In the end, He was crucified.
We should also be prepared to face rejection and persecution as follow Christ.

2.) Like Jesus, we are always living.
We die to ourselves, we live to God.
Apostle Paul lived in constant danger on roads and ocean.
He suffered a lot, often in hunger and thirst.
Yet, he encouraged us all: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

3.) Like Jesus, we die so others can live.
Aa bottle perfume has to be broken for the fragrance to spread; our lives have to be broken for the fragrance of Christ to spread.
Fragrance in our lives will cause others to live. As we are encouraged in our sorrow, we can encourage others.

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