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The Ink Room Duty 27, July, 2013

Second duty of bookstore team B.
We had the privilege of serving during the church 24th anniversary weekend.
So, the bookstore gave a 24% store wide discount.
As a result the queue was very long! I was also overwhelmed by the number of customers that I could not serve them as per normal…. which kinda reminding me of the sales when John C. Maxwell came to church too.

270720136339   270720136340270720136338




As promised before, here are some photos of the church layout.
City Radio, the poster and the ‘tree of life’ :p

270720136342  270720136343




Some bookstore members were chatting while enjoying brownies.
Thanks for the brownies, Charisma!

270720136344 270720136345





After duty, we went to Rock and Ash and had dinner there.
I used the discount card given by the church ;)
Do look forward to the next post from the bookstore, ok?

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CHC HOME Membership Card






Last weekend the church gave out a surprise gift for the members: a HOME membership card.
It is to celebrate the church 24th anniversary.
This card allows the members to earn discount at the participating merchants.
Last Saturday after duty, some bookstore members and I went to Rock & Ash Marina Square.
It worked! I received 20% off on the bill!!
Well, it is a win-win situation. The church members earn the discount, the merchants make more sales.
The church will try to negotiate with more merchants.
Well, needless to say…..
City Harvest is the best!!!! :D :D :D :D

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Sword Of The LORD And….. Who Cares About Gideon

During this trying period experienced by the church, many church members decided to leave the church.
Somehow, they felt the church leaders have let them down.
Furthermore, some of them criticized the leaders in various blogs and forums using impolite and defaming words.

These past 2 weekends Pastor Kong addressed the issue of leadership a little bit in his sermon.
I summarized here what he had said and I added my own analysis.

1.) The young Samuel who grew up under Eli the priest.
Eli the priest was certainly not a good leader.
He loved his sons (Hophni and Phinehas) more than he loved God.
He did not strictly discipline them after all wickedness they had done.
God even told the young Samuel the punishment due to the family of Eli.
Yet in all of Eli’s imperfection, Samuel faithfully served under Eli’s guidance.
He did not disrespect Eli in any way.

2.) Gideon and his 300 men.
During their fight with the Midianites, Gideon’s men shouted “The sword of the LORD and of Gideon.”
Well, they could have said “The sword of the LORD….. and who cares about Gideon!!!”
After all, Gideon himself was imperfect. For instance, he was fearful when God raised him to be a judge.
In spite of all Gideon’s imperfection, they still respected him as their leaders.

Pastor Kong emphasized that CHC leaders are imperfect people themselves.
Yet, by God’s grace, they have managed to achieve the vision God has given them.

I posted before that even if CHC leaders are declared guilty, I will still stick to the church as per normal.
Well, in the (super duper ultra unlikely) case that I leave the church, I will just do it quietly without losing my respect to the leaders.
If I ‘announce’ my leaving to the whole world, I am afraid I might become a bad testimony.

The second round of trial of CHC leaders are drawing near.
Shall keep them in prayer,

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Just Move On

Sasuke mangekyo sharingan

Sometimes, we just have to move on.
No matter how much life has wounded us, we should just pick ourselves up and move on.
Just move on no matter how much we bleed.

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CBC Summer Research Presentation 24, July, 2013

During June-July holiday period, some CBC students take up a summer research project.
It is a 4 credit module which is all about daily experiment.
Yesterday, they presented their work

240720136334 240720136335 

A gathering of poster presenters, professors and friends.

240720136329 240720136331 240720136333

But of course to me, free food was the highlight! Yummy! It was my brunch and dinner!

240720136336 240720136328

Some juniors who presented their works.
Well, gals, hopefully you both score A in this module! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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UFO Baby!!!!

UFO Baby

A childhood cartoon! I really looked forward to watching it every Sunday morning.
I used to wish that UFO Baby was real. Imagine  if UFO Baby came to me and my crush and we both had to be his earthly parents..
Well, I was still a kid when I imagined that, ok?

The original opening.

The full opening.

You can see the lyrics here:
Part of the lyrics which really nudged me was this:

Kimi ni tsutaetai, futari no himitsu ni shite ne
Tomodachi ijou ni, naritai dake dayo, dareyori mo, daisuki

Well, the subbed version in Indonesian TV was this:

Kuingin memberi tahu, ini rahasia kita berdua.
Kuingin mejadi lebih dari seorang teman, hanya dirimu yang kusukai.

Having a happy family sounds like a great idea.
Do you agree?

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Shuhui’s Qualifying Examination 18, July, 2013

Attended a friend’s QE last Thursday. She did undergraduate and master degree in the same school as me.
She then continued taking PhD in another school.
For her project, she synthesized plenty peptide strand which mimics peptide sequence of a squid body part.
She will then investigate if there is any hydrogen bond interaction.

180720136318 180720136319

Before her presentation. She really practiced a lot.


Other two friend + me were there to support her Smile with tongue out
She did a good job and she passed the examination!
Congratulations, Shuhui! All the best for your coming experiments! Smile

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Self Sufficiency

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’
But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.”
-Revelation 3:17-

Lord Jesus rebuked the Christians in Laodicea. They claimed they had acquired all in life.
After all, the city of Laodicea was famous of its gold, fabric industry and eye ointment.
Maybe due to these factors, they did not feel anymore need to rely on God.
They claimed to be self sufficient even without God.
I can imagine they were halfhearted as they were going to church service or doing ministry.
Maybe spirituality was a more like a routine than a delight.
No wonder Lord Jesus rebuked them: Lukewarm!!!

One test in life is when we think we have everything.
When God blesses us so much in everything we do, how will we respond to it?
Are we going to claim it is due to our ability? Or, are we going to say that it is indeed God’s blessing?
Laodicean Christians perhaps claimed their prosperity was their own work. Hence, they did not feel the need to stay grateful and passionate for God.

Even when things are going smoothly for us, will we still choose to depend on God even for simple things?
God is the vine, we are the branches. If we choose not to rely on God, we will be like branches disconnected from the vine.
Basically, it is just a matter of time before disaster comes.
Just like the branch relies on the vine all the time, so should we rely on God all the time.
What will happen if we choose not to rely on God?
Maybe God will allow a very difficult circumstance to come and overwhelm us so much that our own skills are pale in comparison.
A branch, left on its own, is never self-sufficient.

In the end, there are at least two things we should do when we feel so blessed.
– Maintain/improve spiritual discipline like prayer, fasting, quiet time, coming to church and ministry. It is a sign of gratitude.
– Keep relying on God. We are never self sufficient no matter how much money or talent or physical strength we have.

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Saturday 20, July, 2013

Nowadays, I could not take many photos as there is some problem with my camera phone.
Nevertheless, I will just post photos to the best I can.


A beef stew meal from Olive Vine. I heard it was a new menu.
Btw, this was not my lunch but a friend’s Smile with tongue out


Another friend shared some bread with me. Thanks a lot, Auntie Pauline!


Ah, I only managed to capture this photo. As you can see, this is a new logo of The Ink Room.
I am looking forward to wearing the new TIR uniform! Smile

Leon and Juvia Fairy Tail

Watched Fairy Tail anime.
The uniqueness of Fairy Tail as compared to Naruto is that in the midst of heated battles, the characters can still joke and bicker and make funny expression.
It is really priceless Smile with tongue out
In this episode, Leon tried to impress Juvia. And yet…

Juvia disgusted-2

Juvia was disgusted. Seeing his effort unsuccessful, Leon became..


disappointed? I can’t find the right words to describe his expression Smile with tongue out

Do look forward to more funny pictures from this anime series, ok? Open-mouthed smile

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