Sword Of The LORD And….. Who Cares About Gideon

During this trying period experienced by the church, many church members decided to leave the church.
Somehow, they felt the church leaders have let them down.
Furthermore, some of them criticized the leaders in various blogs and forums using impolite and defaming words.

These past 2 weekends Pastor Kong addressed the issue of leadership a little bit in his sermon.
I summarized here what he had said and I added my own analysis.

1.) The young Samuel who grew up under Eli the priest.
Eli the priest was certainly not a good leader.
He loved his sons (Hophni and Phinehas) more than he loved God.
He did not strictly discipline them after all wickedness they had done.
God even told the young Samuel the punishment due to the family of Eli.
Yet in all of Eli’s imperfection, Samuel faithfully served under Eli’s guidance.
He did not disrespect Eli in any way.

2.) Gideon and his 300 men.
During their fight with the Midianites, Gideon’s men shouted “The sword of the LORD and of Gideon.”
Well, they could have said “The sword of the LORD….. and who cares about Gideon!!!”
After all, Gideon himself was imperfect. For instance, he was fearful when God raised him to be a judge.
In spite of all Gideon’s imperfection, they still respected him as their leaders.

Pastor Kong emphasized that CHC leaders are imperfect people themselves.
Yet, by God’s grace, they have managed to achieve the vision God has given them.

I posted before that even if CHC leaders are declared guilty, I will still stick to the church as per normal.
Well, in the (super duper ultra unlikely) case that I leave the church, I will just do it quietly without losing my respect to the leaders.
If I ‘announce’ my leaving to the whole world, I am afraid I might become a bad testimony.

The second round of trial of CHC leaders are drawing near.
Shall keep them in prayer,

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