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CHC Trial 30, August, 2013 (Day 11-Day 5 Tranche 2): Busy Day

On Friday the 5th witness, Jeffrey Cheong Tuck Mun gave his testimony.
Also 6th witness, Wahyu Hanafi, was there in the afternoon.
And plus, the ICA officer Chiew Meng Lay was asked as well.
Wah, three witnesses on one day. No wonder CityNews took pretty some time to publish the news Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Somehow, Wahyu spoke good of Pastor Kong and Crossover.
Wonderful! I love you, Wahyu!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Please side with the defense when the prosecution ask you questions next week, ok? Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile
Keep up the great work!


I just read some news from mainstream media.
Indeed, the relationship between CHC and the related companies is pretty complicated.
I think it is because the relationship is based mainly on trust.
They trust one another and even they may skip some admin process as long as the end result is a win-win situation for CHC and the companies.
After all, most of the time the process involves members of the same church. Hence, there is sense of family tie.
In the business world out there, the relationship is purely professional with plenty black and white documents.
However, in CHC case, the relationship is professional + familial. Hence, they may think some documents can be skipped.
For me, if I do business with a stranger, definitely I require documents.
In contrast, if I do business with a relative or family member, spoken word should be sufficient most of the time.

Well, my analysis could be wrong too, I admit, since I am just a lay church member who don’t know much about CHC-related-companies >.<

CHC Trial 29, August, 2013 (Day 10–Day 4 Tranche 2): End of 4th Witness’ Testimony

Indeed, as expected, the defense lawyers rocked the court hall on Thursday!
Banzai!!! Banzai!!! Cheers for the defense lawyers!
And cheers for Choong Kar Weng too for agreeing with the defense! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile
Today marked the end of his turn, the 4th witness. Tomorrow is the 5th witness’ turn.
Hopefully he will agree with the defense too!!!

Anyway, here is the interesting point for the fourth day:
Xtron did experience some losses.
However, the defense successfully argued that no church fund was used to cover Xtron’s losses.

CHC Trial 28, August, 2013 (Day 9–Day 3 Tranche 2): Counter Argument (2), Contention

This is the second post regarding the third day of the second tranche.
Basically, City News posted an excerpt of conversation between the defense and the witness (Choong Kar Weng).

Perhaps  I would just zoom in to the one of the main points of contention.
KR = Kannan Ramesh = One of the defense lawyer.
CKW = Choong Kar Weng = Prosecution witness

KR: From your perspective — I want to bring you back to the Penal Code example — if members of the church had donated money for the acquisition of a property, for the investment of a property, and the monies were then used by the church as an investment into Crossover, you would not regard that as dishonest, would you?

CKW: No.

KR: It would not be an issue because that act would be an act in good faith?

CKW: For me, yes.

KR: It would be an act in good faith because it was perceived, or at least that was your perception, that that investment was for the purpose of the church?

CKW: Correct.

Indeed, this is where things become complicated.
I shall come up with my own scenario (I do not know if this is the correct scenario, though).
In the mind of many CHC members, the building fund money was to be used for building/property.
Let’s simplify this with an equation:

Building Fund —> Property

In actual fact, the building fund was used as investment into Crossover.
The money was then returned to the church as building fund money together with the interest.
Then, this total sum was used for property.

Building Fund —> Crossover (via Xtron) —> Building Fund+Interest —> Property 

Why did the building fund money go through Crossover?
I see 2 objectives there: evangelism and investment.
Pretty good idea. At least the church money gained interest while the carrying out its mission work.
No money was lost. No personal gain was involved.
In fact, Pastor Kong and Pastor Tan were two of the guarantors too.
According to my CGL who is an Executive Member, he knew all along the building fund money was invested in Xtron.

So, why are things complicated?
Perhaps some suspect the church lost money.
Or perhaps some suspect Pastor Kong and Sun gained personal benefit.

Anyway, I really think the defense lawyers are cool!

Pastor Kong’s Sermon 24, August, 2013: More Than a Conqueror

Rm 8:35-37
David was a conqueror. He made conquering his lifestyle.
He was just a small guy facing Goliath, a seemingly insurmountable problem.
A conqueror does not have an easy life.
Nevertheless, God anoints us proportional to the problems we face in life.

1 Sam 17:8
In our lives, Goliath maybe named as depression or bankruptcy or cancer or others.

4 things David did:

1.) David maintained a winning attitude.
1 Sam 17:36, Eph 3:20
God moves according to our thinking.
Intercession is effective as long as our thought is aligned to God’s word.
A prayer is both verbal and thought.

2.) David visualized Goliath defeated.
1 Sam 17:46
David challenged Goliath even before fighting him.

3.) David really believed in God.
1 Sam 17:45

4.) David spoke out what he believed.
1 Sam 17:31
What we say is important.
Even Lord Jesus taught us the power of confession to move mountain into the sea (Mark 11:23)

Let’s defeat the Goliath by our thinking, visualizing, speaking and believing.

You may purchase his sermon album here:

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CHC Trial 28, August, 2013 (Day 9–Day 3 Tranche 2): Counter Argument

Ah at last!
Today was the beginning of defense’s turn to interview Choong Kar Weng.
As expected, Choong’s answer was favorable to defense’s side.
Praise the LORD! Hehehe, may God bless Choong and his household! Open-mouthed smile
Go go go, defense lawyer! Today you did a great job in countering the argument of the prosecutor!
Go and rock the court hall tomorrow as you did today, ok?

Anyway, I also totally agreed with one of the points:
Sun Ho could have never reached out to secular world if she had openly announced herself as a church ambassador.
It was really a covert mission and she did it successfully.
The success would have been greater if the Crossover Project had not been canceled, though…

CHC Trial 27, August, 2013 (Day 8–Day 2 Tranche 2): Control

I really admire these heroes in Crossover Project.
Pastor Kong, Pastor Tan, Chew Eng Han, Mr. Koh Siew Ngea and Wahyu Hanafi became the guarantors of Crossover.
In addition, Choong Kar Weng was willing to be personally liable in Xtron. He, too, shared the same vision of Crossover.
Praise the Lord for such heroes!

Anyway, one of the main issues today was about control.
Defense lawyer argues Xtron is not under CHC control.
Prosecution argues Xtron is under CHC control.
Errr, I am confused with this ‘control’. Really.
What is the extent of this ‘control’?
The extent ‘control’ maybe be blurry when it comes to Crossover since it is a partnership between CHC and Xtron.
Since it is partnership, naturally CHC influenced Xtron and Xtron influenced CHC.
However, I remember I read Xtron had done much business with clients other than CHC.
Isn’t that enough to say Xtron is independent from CHC??

CHC Trial 26, August, 2013 (Day 7–Day 1 Tranche 2): A Smooth Sailing

Hmm, today’s trial was more like a question and answer session between the witness and the prosecutor.
The witness today was Choong Kar Weng, the director of Xtron.

Hmm, as I read through the news, it seems to me that today was a smooth sailing during the trial.
In fact, I am glad to hear the witness’ answer: he is really ‘sided’ with CHC leaders.
Hip Hip Huuurrrrrraaaaayy!!! Banzai!!!!