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Dinner 28, September, 2013

Had dinner last Saturday with my godparents.
We went to Jack’s Place at Parkway Parade.
Well, basically I was dating my parents!!!
Next time I can bring my future girlfriend for our future date. Very inspiring! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

280920136499 280920136500 280920136501

Some lobster soup (I really have no idea what it is Smile with tongue out), pineapple juice and garlic bread.


Three of us are very united as we ordered the same thing: mixed grill.
So, it has potato, sausage, bacon, broccoli, lamb chop, steak and chicken chop.

Hmm, one day I should bring my godparents for a nice dinner again Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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Book Review XX: The Dad In The Mirror


Many dads love their kids and try their best to nurture them.
However, many times they only father the performance of their kids and not their hearts.
Going from fathering the performance to fathering the hearts requires a change from “what the kids do” to “why the kids do” (chapter 1).
The goal of a father is to disciple kids to love God and others (chapter 2).
Since kids are made in the image of God but little sinners too, fathering the heart means “Yes, I love you” and “No, you can’t have your way” (chapter 3-4).

Another goal of parenting is to help kids become independent from us but still dependent on God.
To do that, a father should mentor his kids in navigating through life: encouraging, listening and caring for them (chapter 5).
A father should also mentor his kids by giving practical advice about work, money and getting along with people.
With this mentoring, kids will be wise, innocent and love others (chapter 11).
Since the goal of fathering is to make kids dependent on God, a father should teach the kids about the Bible, model Christlikeness, involve his kids in service and encourage them to spend time with God (chapter 7-8).
When it comes to discipline, a father should correct the kids in their attitude, not in their action.
This should be done promptly before small wrongdoings grow into big ones (chapter 9).

A special chapter is devoted on the subject of sex.
A father should teach his kids regarding biblical sex: it is God’s gift and it mirrors the closeness of our relationship wit Christ (chapter 10).

This book closes with a chapter on a father fathering his own heart (chapter 12).
A father should understand why he does things: every action is based on finding happiness.
True happiness can be found in Lord Jesus.
When he commits sinful act, he assumes he can find happiness outside of Him.

Hmm, I do not know if the bookstore still sells this product.
But if it does, do get a copy of it from The Ink Room, ok?
Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

Dr. A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 21, September, 2013

There are certain ways we handle issue in church.
When we have issues, we should not tell others. We should deal with the issues directly with the people involved.
David understood king Saul was imperfect man. Yet, he was anointed. Hence, he let God deal with king Saul.
God brought CHC so far not to leave it. God is good even when things are bad.
God sets boundary for order, especially when it comes to issue on leadership.

1 Pet 2:9
We are of royal priesthood.
In the Old Testament before Moses’ time, the head of the family serves as a priest for the family.
Noah, Abraham, Job, Isaac and Jacob built an altar.
In Moses’ time, the priestly family was built from Aaron and the Levites.
But still, God referred the whole nation as the kingdom of priests.
When Lord Jesus came, He ended the Old Testament system of priesthood.
Now, every believer is a priest whose primary privilege is to have direct access to God.
This is signified when Lord Jesus died, the veil of the Most Holy place was torn from top down.
The New Testament priests no longer need to sacrifice animals. Instead, we sacrifice:

1.) Our bodies as a living sacrifice (Rm 12:1-2)
2.) Our praise, the fruit of our lips, especially in the difficult situation.
3.) Our substance: tithe, offering and giving to our brethren in need.
4.) Our service to church, humanity and community.

Many churches have trained the believers to get.
However, we should give. In the process of giving, we get.
All Christians should be pray and worship during the week. In the weekend, we then come strong to give to God.
Since we are priests, we should also intercede for others.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Being a Good Testimony In Resolving Personal Issue

Today’s post is inspired by Pastor Bernard’s sermon last weekend.
He preached 2 sermons. So, today I would like to pen my thought after listening his first sermon.

Very often, it is very difficult not to talk about people.
It is perfectly fine to talk about good things of others.
However, chances are there are news about bad things of others.

I shall not talk about non-Christians talking about bad things of others.
I shall limit the post to Christians talking about bad things of other Christians.
This post is about resolving personal issue, not doctrinal issue.
I am sure readers can distinguish between personal and doctrinal issue.
After all, doctrinal issue is a whole subject by itself.

Christians will offend other Christians, be it intentionally or unintentionally (for instance, slip of tongue, etc).
After all, Christians are not perfect people.
The best scenario is of course when the offended and the offender solve the issue between two of them without the need of informing/involving third party.
However, sometimes either the offended or the offender will involve a third party.

So, who should be the third party? And, what is the role of the third party?

A third party should be another Christian who is preferably more mature spiritually than the offended or the offender.
If it is difficult to find such a person, the third party should be at least of the same spiritual maturity.
It is a big no no to inform/involve a non-Christian third party.
When a non-Christian is involved in this matter, the issue will be a bad testimony.
A similar principle of involving a Christian third party is given in 1 Corinthians 6:1-10.
Hence, it is a big no no too for a Christian to talk about bad things of another Christian in a public forum/discussion.
Btw, I have not given much thought about this issue so as to say whether such a bad testimony is a sin or not.

The role of the Christian third party is simply to solve the issue.
As much as possible, the third party should be neutral and should find the solution.
After all, the offended and the offender might not be able to see the issue from a different angle.
A third party should not spread the issue to others. If he/she really can’t suggest any solution, he/she should stay silent.

As an analogy, all Christians are one big family.
If you happen to have an issue with your own brother/sister, you would want to solve this with him/her directly.
Or, you might want to involve a third party, i.e. your own parents.
You would not want your brother/sister to announce the issue between you and him/her to the whole world.

Be a good testimony. Always be one even when there is an issue.

Note: one may think this post is publicly talking about bad things of Christian publicly talking bad things of others.
However, I believe this post does not sound personal at all.
At more importantly, I believe this post is far away from being a bad testimony.

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The Ink Room Duty 21, September, 2013

Finally, some news from team B of the bookstore!
It was a smooth duty and we made plenty sales! Praise the LORD! Smile
Hmm, we did some clean up of the bookstore area so it was a gym session for me too.

210920136494 210920136495 210920136496

After duty, we had dinner together at Thai Express.
Yummy food. Even yummier as a member treated us! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


Our people. We were waiting for the food to come Smile with tongue out
Stay tuned for more update from team B, ok? Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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Dr. A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 14, September, 2013: SOT Graduation Service

Theology: Study of God in His relationship with humans.
God can’t be completely ‘studied’. If He were, He would cease to be God.

In the Old Testament, God appointed Solomon to build His temple.
David was not allowed to build; we can never build things in the time of war.
We can only build things in the time of peace.
Solomon requested wisdom from God so he could govern the people.

There are 2 types of leadership: positional/authority and personal/relational.
Personal/relational leadership changes people as we try to understand their needs and situation.
When we understand people, they will open up their hearts for us to speak to them.
We need wisdom to deal with people as ministry is about people.
We can lead people via either authority or relationship.
Positional leadership produces compliance, relational leadership produces commitment.

One important quality of a minister of God: resilience.
Test in ministry is ever present. Without resilience, ministers will quit.
Resilience: the ability to recover.

1 Cor 10:13 (Amplified)
God has set the boundary for test. It will never go beyond human ability to bounce back.
God’s compassion was proven when He came to human form to experience temptation.
Patience means being consistence in trusting God with the outcome.

5 qualities of resilient ministers:
1.) Passion for what they believe in.
2.) They are forgiving people. They refuse to let their past define them.
3.) They stay optimistic. They have a hope for a better future.
4.) They have faith.
5.) They have ability to encourage themselves. For example, David encouraged himself in the Lord.

You can purchase his sermon here:

CHC Trial 20, September, 2013 (Day 26-Day 20 Tranche 2): Hugs

Hmm, Friday marked the end of second tranche of CHC trial.
I believe it was tiring for the leaders, the defense, the prosecutors, the witnesses, and the judge.
After this they can get some rest to strategize for the next tranche scheduled in Jnuary 2014.
Hmm, I wonder what impression the judge has after hearing so far.
Hopefully he thinks like me: the leaders are winning :D :D :D

Indeed, CHC has been discussing a lot with auditors with regard to Crossover project.
Nothing was hidden from auditors, the defense said.

There was re-examination by the prosecution, stating that some information was hidden from the auditors.
Well, if I were the defense, I would find a possible explanation for that one.
That ‘hiding’ may not necessarily be sinister (assuming there was really a hiding of information, btw).

Perhaps the most touching moment was when Foong Daw Ching hugged the leaders.
We are in the same family, the body of Christ, after all :) :) :)

Conclusion: all the witnesses have been siding with the leaders (excluding the ICA officer, that is).
I can’t wait to see more witnesses siding with the leaders in 2014.
I seriously think the defense is winning.
Stay tuned, ok? :D :D :D

CG Food + Lab Food


Ice cream + cheese cakes after CG meeting last night.
Yay! I won’t gain weight no matter how much ice cream I eat! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


Mooncakes from lab supervisor!.
Shall enjoy them later! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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CHC Trial 19, September, 2013 (Day 25-Day 19 Tranche 2): No Sham Investment, Covert Mission,

Yay!!! Fong Daw Ching confirmed once again that CHC did not invest in any sham bond.
After all, the leaders were always open to the auditors regarding their financial transactions.
Obviously, the auditors would have complained if they had thought the leaders made sham investment.

Foong also agreed that Crossover Project had to be discreet.
I prefer calling it ‘covert mission’ as Sun’s USA career is just stepping stone to reach out to China.
Also, ‘covert’ because Sun looked apparently secular in her evangelism mission.
Well, in the end, it might be too ‘covert’ that people accused Sun of being really worldly :P :P :P

One thing that surprises me is the difference in the draft of financial statement and the final form of financial statement regarding disclosure of CHC’s Xtron bond.
Both were done by the auditors .
Pastor Tan asked Foong regarding this difference. However, it is not clear as of now what Foong did with his questions.

Ehem. Hopefully the auditors can explain this difference.
It is not fair to blame the leaders of hiding anything…

CHC Trial 18, September, 2013 (Day 24-Day 18 Tranche 2): Light In The End of The Tunnel

Praise the LORD!
The defense managed to make Foong Daw Ching remember his discussion with the leaders!
It turned out that the leaders consulted with him a lot regarding church fund and the investment.
He admitted that the church never bought a sham bond.
With this, he has joined other witnesses in defending the leaders!
Woohoo! Victory is on the way!
Thanks a lot, Foong Daw Ching!