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CHC Trial 4, September, 2013 (Day 14-Day 8 Tranche 2): Heated Battle

Hmm, I did not hear much from the defense lawyers.
So, I assume Wednesday was prosecutor’s turn.
Wahju Hanafi was the seventh witness. I think he is also the key witness.
No wonder the prosecutor kept asking him this and that.
He was the director of Xtron and is the owner of Firna National Glassware, two key companies related to Crossover Project.

Anyway, CityNews has given a very good summary of both sessions.
Firna bonds were a win-win situation for both church and FNG.
Also, the leaders could only propose to Wahju regarding the transaction. They could never dictate him how to spend the money.

Perhaps to me the biggest surprise is that Wahju claimed CAD ‘threatened’ him.
Hmm, I would like to hear more on this.
If it is true, that will prove CAD knows CHC leaders are winning the case as, naturally, Wahju (plus other witnesses) will side with the defense.

Again, as a fellow Indonesian, I salute you, Wahju!
Thanks for standing for CHC leaders!
Maybe one day God will make me rich like you so I can give more to CHC? Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile