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CHC Trial 6, September, 2013 (Day 16-Day 10 Tranche 2): Fight Back

After being interviewed 4 days by the prosecution, Wahju Hanafi was interviewed by the defense today.
Well, Wahju needed some rest too, after all.
There were heated arguments here and there when prosecutor interviewed him.
But today, the atmosphere was pretty light.

Well, perhaps Wahju was initially nervous when prosecutors asked him.
He made a number of errors in his answer.
Fortunately, the defense managed to show him the error so he could correct.

Indeed, the LORD answered CHC prayer.
The defense team was very brilliant in bringing Wahju through the details of transaction again.
I believe Wahju did not feel pressurized or nervous today in the court.
In fact he gave evidence that “both the CHC-Firna and Xtron-Firna bonds had been paid back in full and with interest.
He had kept his three promises to sponsor the Crossover, repay the CHC-Firna bonds and to repay the Xtron-Firna bonds.”
(copied and pasted from City News).

Once again, it has been shown times and again in the court that no church money was lost.
It was all returned to church with the interest.

Monday will be another defense’ turn again.
Jiayou, defense! Keep up the good work and defeat the prosecution’s case!
Jiayou, Wahju! Just agree with whatever the defense says on Monday, ok?
The LORD is with you all! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

CHC Trial 5, September, 2013 (Day 15-Day 9 Tranche 2): Heated Battle 2, Man of His Word

Somehow, Thursday session was a like a battlefield for Wahju Hanafi.
Understandably, he is the key prosecution witness and Friday session is the cross examination by the defense team.
So far, Wahju has been siding with CHC leaders.
Hence, the prosecution tried their best to get Wahju to their side.

The prosecution built their case mainly on written documents, emails and messages.
However, at times there were transactions done face to face, not via written communication.

Also Wahju kept his word.
Given a hypothetical scenario of the failure of Crossover, he would have sold his assets as a guarantor.
I applaud him for that!

I just had a CG meeting and we prayed for the defense team.
I am believing God’s wisdom be upon them so they will argue so well.
I am praying the defense can indisputably show the leaders were not in control of the funds.

Jiayou, Wahju! One more shot to defend the leaders!