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The Ink Room Duty 7, September, 2013

Yo yo yo!
If you notice, I haven’t written about the bookstore duty for very long.
Reason? The battery of my camera phone spoilt and I had not bought one for a few months.
Now with the new battery, I am able to capture many photos and record videos.

070920136372 070920136373

The bookstore is selling this bear and flower to celebrate the convocation of City Harvest Bible School students this coming weekend.
Very good! Many customers queued to order the items!


We celebrated a friend’s birthday too! Happy birthday, Claudia!

070920136381 070920136383 070920136384

070920136385 070920136375 070920136376

Pastor Phil Pringle brought along some of his painting for sale.
Indeed, the bookstore was upgraded to include some art gallery!

Stay tuned for more crunchy news, ok? Smile Smile Smile