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Shane and Avis Wedding 8, September, 2013

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Was invited to attend a friend’s wedding last Sunday.
The venue was located at Jurong West CHC building.

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Pastor Aries led the wedding ceremony and prayed blessing over the couple.

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My bookstore friends and me. The bride is a member of the bookstore and we were there to bless her Smile

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Some dinner served for the guests.


A souvenir from the wedding. This plant shall decorate my table.
Congratulations, Shane and Avis! God blesses your marriage! Smile Smile Smile

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CHC Trial 9, September, 2013 (Day 17-Day 11 Tranche 2): Turning The Table

Turning the table. Reversing. Countering the attack.
These are some phrases I would use to describe defense’s excellent argument.
So far, Wahju also has been doing a splendid job of agreeing with the defense and disagreeing with the prosecution :D :D :D :p :p :p

Perhaps to me there were 2 best arguments:

1,) There was a ‘secret letter’ in which CHC leaders promised to sell their share of S$1. In the end, the letter was never utilized and Wahju did not intend to use it too. This makes prosecution’s ‘secret letter’ argument weak.

2.) Prosecution said the bonds were not genuine because CHC leaders did not consider through its return on investment. Yet, MP Edwin Tong showed evidence after evidence that the leaders really considered through the return. Indeed, Wahju himself said if the investigation had not happened in 2010, Xtron would have gained US$20-30 million.

That’s a lot of money!!!!! Well, things ended abruptly though…

Anyway, praise the LORD for granting the church prayer! The leaders are doing ok in the court.
Jiayou, defense lawyers! Please keep refuting prosecution’s case, ok? :D :D :D