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CHC Trial 10, September, 2013 (Day 18-Day 12 Tranche 2): May Not Be An Inconsistency

Tuesday morning session was taken by the defense while the afternoon session was taken by the prosecution.
Hmm, it must have been very tiring for Wahju Hanafi to be interviewed times and again over several days like this.
I am praying to God to bestow upon him wisdom and stamina.

The defense showed, once again, that the leaders thought through the bonds, the cost and the exit strategy.
It was never a sham investment.
Also, the defense clarified the role of Serina Wee which was more on administrative rather than decision making.

Well, afternoon session must have been very draining for Wahju.
The prosecution asked him again regarding the ‘secret letter’. Obviously, this is one of their key arguments.
The prosecution considered Wahju was inconsistent in his answer.
First his answer was to repay debt to Ultimate Asset. Later on his answer was to meet margin calls of his private bankers.
Wahju explained it was just a change in personal finance.

More or less I experience this change in personal finance too.
Different income, different expenditure then different life priority.
I may answer differently at different times too if people ask me regarding my money.

Another key issue is the Crossover guarantee: Kong Hee, Tan Ye Peng, Chew Eng Han and Koh Siew Ngea.
Wahju said he would not involve them. The prosecution asked again the purpose of the 4 guarantors.

Hmm, to me, it may boil down to whose initiative it was.
If the initiative came from Wahju to ask for additional guarantors, then indeed Wahju was inconsistent.
However, if the initiative came from the 4 guarantors without Wahju asking, then Wahju was consistent in his answer.

Wahju, I am keeping in prayer! You can do it!