Dr. A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 14, September, 2013: SOT Graduation Service

Theology: Study of God in His relationship with humans.
God can’t be completely ‘studied’. If He were, He would cease to be God.

In the Old Testament, God appointed Solomon to build His temple.
David was not allowed to build; we can never build things in the time of war.
We can only build things in the time of peace.
Solomon requested wisdom from God so he could govern the people.

There are 2 types of leadership: positional/authority and personal/relational.
Personal/relational leadership changes people as we try to understand their needs and situation.
When we understand people, they will open up their hearts for us to speak to them.
We need wisdom to deal with people as ministry is about people.
We can lead people via either authority or relationship.
Positional leadership produces compliance, relational leadership produces commitment.

One important quality of a minister of God: resilience.
Test in ministry is ever present. Without resilience, ministers will quit.
Resilience: the ability to recover.

1 Cor 10:13 (Amplified)
God has set the boundary for test. It will never go beyond human ability to bounce back.
God’s compassion was proven when He came to human form to experience temptation.
Patience means being consistence in trusting God with the outcome.

5 qualities of resilient ministers:
1.) Passion for what they believe in.
2.) They are forgiving people. They refuse to let their past define them.
3.) They stay optimistic. They have a hope for a better future.
4.) They have faith.
5.) They have ability to encourage themselves. For example, David encouraged himself in the Lord.

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