Being a Good Testimony In Resolving Personal Issue

Today’s post is inspired by Pastor Bernard’s sermon last weekend.
He preached 2 sermons. So, today I would like to pen my thought after listening his first sermon.

Very often, it is very difficult not to talk about people.
It is perfectly fine to talk about good things of others.
However, chances are there are news about bad things of others.

I shall not talk about non-Christians talking about bad things of others.
I shall limit the post to Christians talking about bad things of other Christians.
This post is about resolving personal issue, not doctrinal issue.
I am sure readers can distinguish between personal and doctrinal issue.
After all, doctrinal issue is a whole subject by itself.

Christians will offend other Christians, be it intentionally or unintentionally (for instance, slip of tongue, etc).
After all, Christians are not perfect people.
The best scenario is of course when the offended and the offender solve the issue between two of them without the need of informing/involving third party.
However, sometimes either the offended or the offender will involve a third party.

So, who should be the third party? And, what is the role of the third party?

A third party should be another Christian who is preferably more mature spiritually than the offended or the offender.
If it is difficult to find such a person, the third party should be at least of the same spiritual maturity.
It is a big no no to inform/involve a non-Christian third party.
When a non-Christian is involved in this matter, the issue will be a bad testimony.
A similar principle of involving a Christian third party is given in 1 Corinthians 6:1-10.
Hence, it is a big no no too for a Christian to talk about bad things of another Christian in a public forum/discussion.
Btw, I have not given much thought about this issue so as to say whether such a bad testimony is a sin or not.

The role of the Christian third party is simply to solve the issue.
As much as possible, the third party should be neutral and should find the solution.
After all, the offended and the offender might not be able to see the issue from a different angle.
A third party should not spread the issue to others. If he/she really can’t suggest any solution, he/she should stay silent.

As an analogy, all Christians are one big family.
If you happen to have an issue with your own brother/sister, you would want to solve this with him/her directly.
Or, you might want to involve a third party, i.e. your own parents.
You would not want your brother/sister to announce the issue between you and him/her to the whole world.

Be a good testimony. Always be one even when there is an issue.

Note: one may think this post is publicly talking about bad things of Christian publicly talking bad things of others.
However, I believe this post does not sound personal at all.
At more importantly, I believe this post is far away from being a bad testimony.

Posted September 25, 2013 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in A. R. Bernard, Thought

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