Dr. A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 21, September, 2013

There are certain ways we handle issue in church.
When we have issues, we should not tell others. We should deal with the issues directly with the people involved.
David understood king Saul was imperfect man. Yet, he was anointed. Hence, he let God deal with king Saul.
God brought CHC so far not to leave it. God is good even when things are bad.
God sets boundary for order, especially when it comes to issue on leadership.

1 Pet 2:9
We are of royal priesthood.
In the Old Testament before Moses’ time, the head of the family serves as a priest for the family.
Noah, Abraham, Job, Isaac and Jacob built an altar.
In Moses’ time, the priestly family was built from Aaron and the Levites.
But still, God referred the whole nation as the kingdom of priests.
When Lord Jesus came, He ended the Old Testament system of priesthood.
Now, every believer is a priest whose primary privilege is to have direct access to God.
This is signified when Lord Jesus died, the veil of the Most Holy place was torn from top down.
The New Testament priests no longer need to sacrifice animals. Instead, we sacrifice:

1.) Our bodies as a living sacrifice (Rm 12:1-2)
2.) Our praise, the fruit of our lips, especially in the difficult situation.
3.) Our substance: tithe, offering and giving to our brethren in need.
4.) Our service to church, humanity and community.

Many churches have trained the believers to get.
However, we should give. In the process of giving, we get.
All Christians should be pray and worship during the week. In the weekend, we then come strong to give to God.
Since we are priests, we should also intercede for others.

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