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CG Sermon 24, October, 2013

Love Practical

1 John 3:17-19
Let us not love merely in speech, but in also in action.

5 ways to express love.

1.) Love is vocal.
It is good to say love to parents: “I love you,” not only to boyfriend/girlfriend.
Parents will not be with us forever.

2.) Love overlooks.
Sometimes there are little offenses along the way.
We can learn to overlook things: “is it really a big deal?”
Sometimes, there is really no need to win an argument.

3.) Love hears.
God listens to our prayer 1 John 5:14.
Great communication happens when we give undivided attention.
One practical way: put aside mobile phone while conversing

4.) Love reaches out.
Love is a daily practice.
Jesus paid the price for me. Hence, we live out godly lifestyle everyday, both in front of believers and non-believers.
When we see a need, we ask ourselves “what can I do?”

5.) Love sacrifices.
John 3:16
God the Father sacrificed Lord Jesus. Abraham decided to sacrifice Isaac.
Wealth shared is fun, wealth amassed is less fun.
We live because someone else’s sacrifice. Our turn to sacrifice will eventually come too.

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Robin and Santi’s Wedding 26, October, 2013

261020136554 261020136556 261020136596

Went to a friend’s wedding last Saturday. It was held in Jurong West church.
I personally know the groom and the bride.
The groom is my teammate in the bookstore. The bride is from Indonesia Smile Smile

261020136557 261020136558 261020136559

The helpers had been warming up before the matrimony began.


Pastor Edmund led both of them in exchanging the vow and rings.

261020136555 261020136583

Me + two of them Open-mouthed smile

261020136585 261020136586 261020136587 

261020136590 261020136593 261020136594

Nice breakfast and lunch banquet. To me, it was my dinner too Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


The bookstore people!

Hope the couple will have kids soon Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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Dinner After Service 26, October, 2013

261020136599 261020136600 261020136601

261020136602 261020136603

Had dinner with CG people after the church service last Saturday.
We went to Millennia Walk then we found a Japanese restaurant inside.
My friends ordered food. For me, I was already full, so I only ordered orange juice.

We had fantastic chat as well.
In particular, I learned the art of choosing politically correct words.
Well, it looks like I have to conceal my thought every now and then…
Anyway, it was fun Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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Book Review XXI: Defending Traditional Marriage


Well, somehow I read a lot of books regarding relationship.
Naturally, I do so as I want to invest in future marriage. It’s good to learn about marriage early.
This book is about 4 parts of wedding vow:
1.) extraordinary care. 2.) sexual exclusivity. 3.) permanence. 4.) between one man and one woman.
It deals with the marriage itself and the law regarding marriage.

To love and to cherish: extraordinary care
Marriage begins with extraordinary care to permanently sustain romantic feeling.
This concept is known as Love Bank. The more care we do, the more deposit we make into our spouse’s love bank.
The biggest deposit we can make is when we meet each other emotional needs.
2 biggest emotional needs of a wife is affection and intimate conversation.
2 biggest emotional needs of a husband is sexual fulfillment and recreational companionship.
In contrast, the biggest withdrawal from love bank (i.e. Love buster) includes
– selfish demands
– disrespectful judgment,
– angry outburst, dishonesty
– annoying habit
– independent behavior.
With respect to independent behavior, we can eliminate it by carrying Policy of Joint Agreement:
making decision that includes each other’s feeling, creating interdependent behavior.

Sexual exclusivity: forsaking all others
Affair is one of the most devastating experience in life.
Dr. Harley believes lawsuit is one of the best ways to end an affair.
This is especially important to protect the betrayed spouses.
Several ways we can do to prevent infidelity:
– to limit our most intimate conversation to our spouse
– to prevent non-family member from knowing any dissatisfaction in marriage,
– to limit our most enjoyable leisure or recreational activities with our spouse,
– to tell our spouse if we find other people attractive or if other people find us attractive.
The easiest way to detect an affair is to see how much time a spouse spends away from home.
Even after an affair, restoration of romance is possible.

Till death to us apart: permanence
Couples who stay married for life tend to be healthier, wealthier and happier.
Permanence in marriage provides a stable and secure environment to raise children.
In contrast, children are the ones who suffer the most in a divorce.
Even unhappy couple should stay married as the unhappiness will disappear once they give each other extraordinary care.
There are only very few valid reasons for divorce. Extraordinary care makes couple stay in love and hence prevents divorce.

To be your wedded husband/wife: between a man and a woman
Swedish study showed same sex couple experienced much higher divorce rate than heterosexual couple.
Hence, homosexual relationship compromises children’s welfare.
The good news is: it is possible for gays/lesbians to become heterosexual people.

Well, as of now I don’t think The Ink Room has this copy in stock.
When it does, do grab a copy of it, ok?

CG Refreshment 24, October, 2013

Our very first Cg meeting in east area.
Well, the venue is pretty close to my home. So, the long traveling distance did not bother me a bit Smile with tongue out

Our Cg leader preached a sermon on love. I shall post it next time.
The host prepared a fantastic dinner refreshment for all of us.

241020136541 241020136542 241020136543

241020136544 241020136548 241020136550

A lot of food… and I did a great job in finishing most of them!

241020136545 241020136546 241020136547

Our chatty and happy people. More news to come. Stay tuned! Open-mouthed smile

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Teeth Gritting

Pain.. agony..
So what with pain?.. So what with agony?
It is just part of life.. No one is exempted..
Grit your teeth.. Yeah, just grit your teeth.. and move on..
Just focus on the solution.. strengthen your fist.. step forward..

There is no need to regret the loss..
Discouragement and disappointment… ignore them..
After all..

The Lord gave,
and the Lord hath taken away;
blessed be the name of the Lord.

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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 19, October, 2013

Isa 54:2-3
Enlarge: Christians are meant to be big people. No situation should make us diminish.
The key to enlarge is to step out in faith. Even though the journey is nerve wrecking  and uncomfortable, we should still step out.
Strengthen your stake: deepen our commitment in the local church.
Do not spare: do not hesitate in giving.
Expand to the left and right: increase in influence.

2 Cor 8:1-4
Corinth was a rich city. Macedonian was a poor city.
There are 8 reasons for Christians to give (this is particularly important in the coming building fund session):

1.) 2 Cor 8:4. Others have given and begged to be involved.
Hearts follow money. Hence when we give to building fund, our heart is with God.

2,) 2 Cor 8:7-8 the responsibility of leadership.
Corinth exceled in many areas. So, they were encouraged to excel in giving too.
CHC is an inspiration to many churches in term of giving.
We should move into the world of substantial giving. Giving happens because leaders decide to give.

3.) 2 Cor 8:9. The example of Christ.
Most may think that it refers to spiritual riches. However, this verse can refer to material riches.
We are blessed to become a blessing.
Good Samaritan in modern day: we are able to pay hospital fees of a stranger. Poverty mindset: false humility.

4.) 2 Cor 8;10-11. The integrity of promise.
No matter how difficult the situation is, we should keep our promises.

5.) 2 Cor 9:2-5. The power of testimony.
Apostle Paul used Corinth churches as a testimony to stir up other churches.

6.) 2 Cor 9:6-8. The law of giving.
Abundant reaping comes from abundant giving.

7.) 2Cor 9:10. God will supply seed to the sower.
Sower: keeps giving habitually.
God will supply since He is the Creator. His resource never runs out. 
Hag 2:6-7.
God will shake the world: He will shake the financial market and He will put finance in the hands of His children.

8.) 2 Cor 9:12-13 the glory of God.
One little act of generosity may even save a soul for eternity.

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The Ink Room Duty 19, October, 2013

After 2 weeks time… another juicy news from the bookstore!

191020136528 191020136530 191020136531

Celebrated the birthday of 3 members!
In general, their birthday wish was the get good grade. All the best people! You can do it!


Bought this album too while it was in stock.
The church sang many songs from this album. Hence, by buying it and listening to the songs, I can serve the customers better.

191020136532 191020136533 191020136534

Dinner at Rock n Ash Marina Square.
Yummy food at 20% discount using church membership cards.
City Harvest Church rocks! I am proud to be its member.

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CG Dinner 17, October, 2013

Hmm, have not had dinner with CG people after Cg meeting for a long time.
Last Thursday, we ended the meeting early. So, I had dinner with them.

171020136522 171020136523

Gerald ordered the dim sum and shared it with everyone. That U-mian was mine.

171020136524 171020136525 171020136527

Apparently, most of them were not hungry. So, they only ordered drinks.
They talked about places in Malaysia which I have never visited.
So, I was a good listener, could not even comment Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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The Story Of A Hair Shop

I happen to know this particular hair shop near NTU.
Normally I request ‘short and spiky’. It costs S$3.90. Very cheap.
Last year when I requested such thing, there was no problem. Things went smooth.
This year things became different.
This morning was my second experience.

Jefri: Short and spiky, please.
Staff: Your hair is very oily. It is difficult to cut.
Jefri: I washed my hair last night.
Staff: (observed my hair again) No, you have not washed your hair for a long time.
Jefri: Just make it short please. High slope.

I kept quiet and observed the situation.
Another customer went in and another staff said the same thing: “Your hair is oily. Do you want to get hair cut and wash?”
Well, firstly, it was a slip of tongue from me: I washed hair Saturday morning, not Saturday night.
Nevertheless, the staff’s impression that I had not washed hair for a long time was really remarkable!
I think the hair shop tries too hard to make sales in offering hair wash in addition to hair cut.
Sadly, she did it ‘dishonestly’. I believe as she cut my hair, she could tell my hair was silky smooth.

No, I don’t think I will go to another hair shop. In the end of today’s hair cut, I still paid S$3.90.
I guess next time I will wash hair before hand and insist to have a normal hair cut without wash.
I don’t buy into such a dishonest sales tactic.

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