Digimon Adventure—Reconciliation—CHC Leadership

Somehow I thought of this analogy.

In Digimon Adventure anime (my childhood anime), the two most prominent members of the group are Tai and Matt.
I could even tell they were the leaders since their digimons were the only ones who could digivolve to Mega level.
However, even then they were not immune to conflict.
In one particular point, they decided to fight each other. The battle ended with a draw.
They then parted ways and individually fought the enemies.
Nevertheless, they were reconciled eventually. I can’t really remember the detail.
When Tai and Wargreymon fought Piedmon, they were almost defeated and Wargreymon was almost killed.
Fortunately, Matt and Garurumon came in time and saved them from Piedmon.
Garururmon digi-devolved to Gabumon. Then, Gabumon warp-digivolved to Metal Garurumon.
Wargreymon and Metal Garurumon then joined forces to fight Piedmon.

I would like to liken Pastor Kong Hee as Tai+Wargreymon, Chew Eng Han as Matt+Metal Garurumon.
I have no idea why. One day, Chew Eng Han decided to leave City Harvest.
He said he disagreed with the leadership, especially with Pastor Kong Hee. They both then parted ways.
Well, this is similar to Tai and Matt in the Digimon series.
Nevertheless, Chew Eng Han met with Pastor Bernard and discussed things in the spirit of reconciliation.
I believe one day Pastor Kong Hee and Chew Eng Han can really be reconciled to each other.
Together they will stand side by side in the court.
By God’s grace, they will win this case too.

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