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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 5, October, 2013: Revelation of the 7 Mountains

Lord Jesus taught many parable, including marketplace parables: building construction, making wine, etc.
In fact, most of His miracle were done in the marketplace.
CHC life mission: marketplace is the mission field.

How to impact the marketplace?
Let’s see 7 pillars of society: religion, family, business, education, government, arts, media.
Traditionally, Christianity has done well in religion and family, but not so well in the other 5 pillars.

Mark 16:15
World: kosmos: order of society
Lance Wallnau called them 7 mountains of mandate.

Luke 4:5-7
The devil really had the authority.
He promoted anyone to do his bidding as long as he/she followed him.
However, Lord Jesus understood that whomever we bow down to on the journey to the top will control us when we are at the top.

Revelation 1:6
Lord Jesus made us kings and and priests to influence others. How do we influence others?

1.) Assimilate
Jeremiah 29:4
In the midst of evil society, God told them to groom their career. Vocation = calling.
When we fulfill God’s calling, His anointing backs us up.
We should have a good relationship with the company.
We should also pray for wisdom so we can help the company.

2.) Illuminate
We become the solution giver in the midst of difficulty.
The anointing is not just for private worship. It is also for divine assignment.

3.) Demonstrate
Joshua 1:8, Deut 8:18, Psalm 35:27
God promises success and power to get wealth.
Wealth can greatly influence the society.

4.) Propagate
Which mountain is God calling us into?

Church is important: the meeting place is the training place for the marketplace.
Eph 4:11-12
Pastors are there to equip the members for the marketplace.

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CG Sermon 3, October, 2013: The Grace of Giving

The church is entering the season of building fund.

2 Cor 8
Special grace was upon Macedonian churches in their giving.

1.) They gave sacrificially.
They were in the midst of trial and poverty.
Yet they abounded the liberality of giving.

2.) They gave joyfully.
God noticed their joy, and the amount of giving.

3.) They gave willingly.
They gave beyond their ability.

4.) They gave persistently (v.4)
They even urged Apostle Paul to receive it.

5.) They gave in worship (v.5).
First they gave themselves to the LORD.

When Mary broke the alabaster flask to anoint Lord Jesus, Judas was angry.
He considered it a waste: the perfume could have been sold to give to the poor.
However, Lord Jesus praised Mary’s action.
There is always a time to give to the poor. However, there is not many opportunity to give to Him.
Similarly, building fund is a special season, an opportunity to give to the Lord.

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