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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, October, 2013: Response That Builds Generation

Psalm 18:24-26
In general, our response will determine God’s response.

2 Samuel 7:1-3
King David was firmly secured on this throne as God had greatly prospered him.
He felt it was not appropriate if he stayed in palace while the Ark of God stayed in tents.
However, God stopped him from building as he was a man of war.

2 Samuel 7:11-12
God promised David He would build David’s house.

Ps 37:22-29, Ps 112:1-2, Gen 22:17-18, Ps 25:12-13, Ps 69:35-36
Children are blessed because their parents follow God.
All these promises are applicable to us and our descendants as we put God first.
Solomon was such a playboy but God showed mercy because of David.
Similarly, Abijam and Jehoram were wicked kings. Yet, God still showed mercy.

2 Kings 4:8-17
This woman built a house for prophet Elisha.
God then blessed her with a son. Furthermore, God even resurrected her dead son.
If God has to raise the dead in order to fulfill His promise to us, He will do it for us.

2 Kings 8:6
She was a bankrupt.
Yet, God so arranged that Gehazi was speaking with the king regarding her.
In the end, she gained back all her possession.
Truly, God built her house for she had built His house!

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