Pastor Phil’s Sermon 19, October, 2013

Isa 54:2-3
Enlarge: Christians are meant to be big people. No situation should make us diminish.
The key to enlarge is to step out in faith. Even though the journey is nerve wrecking  and uncomfortable, we should still step out.
Strengthen your stake: deepen our commitment in the local church.
Do not spare: do not hesitate in giving.
Expand to the left and right: increase in influence.

2 Cor 8:1-4
Corinth was a rich city. Macedonian was a poor city.
There are 8 reasons for Christians to give (this is particularly important in the coming building fund session):

1.) 2 Cor 8:4. Others have given and begged to be involved.
Hearts follow money. Hence when we give to building fund, our heart is with God.

2,) 2 Cor 8:7-8 the responsibility of leadership.
Corinth exceled in many areas. So, they were encouraged to excel in giving too.
CHC is an inspiration to many churches in term of giving.
We should move into the world of substantial giving. Giving happens because leaders decide to give.

3.) 2 Cor 8:9. The example of Christ.
Most may think that it refers to spiritual riches. However, this verse can refer to material riches.
We are blessed to become a blessing.
Good Samaritan in modern day: we are able to pay hospital fees of a stranger. Poverty mindset: false humility.

4.) 2 Cor 8;10-11. The integrity of promise.
No matter how difficult the situation is, we should keep our promises.

5.) 2 Cor 9:2-5. The power of testimony.
Apostle Paul used Corinth churches as a testimony to stir up other churches.

6.) 2 Cor 9:6-8. The law of giving.
Abundant reaping comes from abundant giving.

7.) 2Cor 9:10. God will supply seed to the sower.
Sower: keeps giving habitually.
God will supply since He is the Creator. His resource never runs out. 
Hag 2:6-7.
God will shake the world: He will shake the financial market and He will put finance in the hands of His children.

8.) 2 Cor 9:12-13 the glory of God.
One little act of generosity may even save a soul for eternity.

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