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The Ink Room Duty 19, October, 2013

After 2 weeks time… another juicy news from the bookstore!

191020136528 191020136530 191020136531

Celebrated the birthday of 3 members!
In general, their birthday wish was the get good grade. All the best people! You can do it!


Bought this album too while it was in stock.
The church sang many songs from this album. Hence, by buying it and listening to the songs, I can serve the customers better.

191020136532 191020136533 191020136534

Dinner at Rock n Ash Marina Square.
Yummy food at 20% discount using church membership cards.
City Harvest Church rocks! I am proud to be its member.

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CG Dinner 17, October, 2013

Hmm, have not had dinner with CG people after Cg meeting for a long time.
Last Thursday, we ended the meeting early. So, I had dinner with them.

171020136522 171020136523

Gerald ordered the dim sum and shared it with everyone. That U-mian was mine.

171020136524 171020136525 171020136527

Apparently, most of them were not hungry. So, they only ordered drinks.
They talked about places in Malaysia which I have never visited.
So, I was a good listener, could not even comment Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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The Story Of A Hair Shop

I happen to know this particular hair shop near NTU.
Normally I request ‘short and spiky’. It costs S$3.90. Very cheap.
Last year when I requested such thing, there was no problem. Things went smooth.
This year things became different.
This morning was my second experience.

Jefri: Short and spiky, please.
Staff: Your hair is very oily. It is difficult to cut.
Jefri: I washed my hair last night.
Staff: (observed my hair again) No, you have not washed your hair for a long time.
Jefri: Just make it short please. High slope.

I kept quiet and observed the situation.
Another customer went in and another staff said the same thing: “Your hair is oily. Do you want to get hair cut and wash?”
Well, firstly, it was a slip of tongue from me: I washed hair Saturday morning, not Saturday night.
Nevertheless, the staff’s impression that I had not washed hair for a long time was really remarkable!
I think the hair shop tries too hard to make sales in offering hair wash in addition to hair cut.
Sadly, she did it ‘dishonestly’. I believe as she cut my hair, she could tell my hair was silky smooth.

No, I don’t think I will go to another hair shop. In the end of today’s hair cut, I still paid S$3.90.
I guess next time I will wash hair before hand and insist to have a normal hair cut without wash.
I don’t buy into such a dishonest sales tactic.

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Be Prepared To Preach The Word All The Time

Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season.
Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.
-2 Timothy 4:2-

A non-Christian happens to be so interested in Bible stories.
Sometimes when he sees me reading the Bible, he will approach me and say “Story telling time.”
So far I have shared with him the story of a few kings and prophets in the Old Testament.

Sometimes due to work, I feel reluctant to share the story with him.
One time telling may take up 1 hour of time.
No, it is never a debate. It is simply a discussion of their lives and what we can learn.

No good. I must not give in to reluctance.
I must always share the word with him whenever there is chance.
Even when I feel reluctant, I must force myself to obey biblical commandment above.

A reminder to self: my friend’s eternity is at stake here.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, October, 2013: Response That Builds Generation

Psalm 18:24-26
In general, our response will determine God’s response.

2 Samuel 7:1-3
King David was firmly secured on this throne as God had greatly prospered him.
He felt it was not appropriate if he stayed in palace while the Ark of God stayed in tents.
However, God stopped him from building as he was a man of war.

2 Samuel 7:11-12
God promised David He would build David’s house.

Ps 37:22-29, Ps 112:1-2, Gen 22:17-18, Ps 25:12-13, Ps 69:35-36
Children are blessed because their parents follow God.
All these promises are applicable to us and our descendants as we put God first.
Solomon was such a playboy but God showed mercy because of David.
Similarly, Abijam and Jehoram were wicked kings. Yet, God still showed mercy.

2 Kings 4:8-17
This woman built a house for prophet Elisha.
God then blessed her with a son. Furthermore, God even resurrected her dead son.
If God has to raise the dead in order to fulfill His promise to us, He will do it for us.

2 Kings 8:6
She was a bankrupt.
Yet, God so arranged that Gehazi was speaking with the king regarding her.
In the end, she gained back all her possession.
Truly, God built her house for she had built His house!

You can purchase Pastor Kong’s sermon here:

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Lesson of the Day: More Successful, Less Successful

Graduate study is an interesting journey.
In it, I acquire much knowledge and learn practical skills.
At the same time, I have gained much life lesson too.
I have seen people who are more successful than I am.
While I congratulate them, deep inside I acknowledge than I am less successful than they are.
That is, I have got a taste of ‘failure’.

In another occasion, I have seen other people who are less successful than I am.
Since I have understood the feeling of a ‘failure’, I then am able to sympathize with them rather than looking down at them.
I have been mentoring some ‘less successful’ people.
Instead of being harsh, I have been able to patiently guide them step by step to be ‘successful’.
Somehow, my ‘failure’ makes me put myself in their shoes

Indeed, ‘failure’ is a bittersweet experience!

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Eating Raw Fruits and Veggies

Read a news about a businesswoman who eats raw fruits and vegetables.
Amazingly, she looks much younger than her age.

Well, some commenter wrote that she looked young probably because of her gene, not her diet.
Hmm, I guess I will give her a benefit of doubt: she really looks young because of her diet.

It is not a big surprise, to be honest.
God originally created humans to be vegetarians.
Just later, God allowed humans to eat meats.

To me, I don’t think I will completely follow her footsteps to completely eat raw fruits and vegetables only.
I still think meat is an important diet.
Btw, in my school canteen, raw fruits and vegetables are mostly sold as juice.

Hmm, she is really an inspiration.
I shall increase my budget by adding more fruit juice daily.
As of now, I believe with all my heart that I am handsome.
Well, who knows with this diet change, I will become more handsome Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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