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CG Sermon 14, November, 2013: What Giving Really Involves

2 Cor 9:1-2
A chapter on giving.

1.) Giving involves passion.
Giving without passion feels dead. It should pulsate because it means something to the giver.
The passion of the giver will infect other people. It is not about the amount. It is about heart we put into our giving.
Biblical giving isn’t about charity.

2.) Giving involves preparation (v5)
Apostle Paul sent someone else to prepare Corinthian church. King David also prepared much material to build God’s house.

3.) Giving involves promise v6-8
The principle: sow little reap little, sow much reap much.
However, God wants us to be cheerful.
After giving, God will somehow fulfill our needs through other means even when we may have less finance.

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