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Pastor Kong Sermon 16, November, 2013: Regarding Home

God cares for the person.
From individual, God raises up people. God then blesses the place.
With each transition of place, there is a new challenge and new breakthrough.

What does ‘a church as a place’ mean?

1.) A place worthy of the honor of God.
David wanted something glorious for God.
1 Chr 22:5.
The state of the sanctuary, to certain extent, reflects God’s glory.

2.) A place where the altar of God is built.
Noah, Isaac, Jacob built altar whenever they had an encounter with God.
Altar is a symbol of dedication.

3.) A place of revival and reformation.
Nehemiah rebuilt God’s house and revival swept through

4.) A place of vision and dream.

5.) A place of encounter and equipping
Matt 4:10
In church, we have the chance to serve others.

6.) A place where wise stewardship is demonstrated.
David didn’t mean to show off his wealth.
He only planned to surrender to God what already belongs to God.

7.) A place of transformation and testimony for God’s glory.
2 Cor 3:18
We hear testimony from different ones on how God saves

Pledge: promise, covenant, commitment.
Commitment is the foundation for all relationships.
God never forsakes us because He is committed. God makes promise all the time.

1.) Vows are an expression of love.
Bride and groom are looking forward to wedding day because they are going to exchange vow of love.
God loves us and shows us His love in His promise.
When life gets tough, we should return to the vow we make to Jesus.
David made much promise.
Ps 22:25, 76:11.

2.) Vows protect relationship.
Agreement for property, loan and others to prevent future dispute.
Agreement makes us feel secure.

3.) Vows motivate us to act.
Ps 132:1-5.
Making vow is an expression of love. Keeping vow is an expression of commitment.

4.) Vows move God into action. Vow shows we are serious with God.
Commitment should be expressed verbally, tangibly and publicly.

You can purchase Pastor Kong’s sermon here:

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Emergency Chocolate


Met with a friend some time back.
She passed me this emergency chocolate…. and I finished it at one go today as lunch.
Very good quality chocolate. Yummy! Pure chocolate and milk.
Anyone else would like to donate food to me???

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Dinner After Church Service 16, November, 2013

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Yoooz! Nice dinner with CG people after the church service!
We went to Kou Fu Millennia Walk.
Initially I thought there would be discount using church membership card.
In the end… no discount >.<
Yummy food with great conversation. I showed them my new phone too.
David treated some of us chicken cutlet too. Yay!

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My supervisor just passed me this doughnut today.
Very sweet.
Plenty carbohydrate to support me burning midnight oil Smile with tongue out

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Newton’s First Law for PhD Student


Saw this great post from PhD comics.
How true it is! Many PhD students tend to wait for their supervisors to push them.
In other words, they are not independent enough.

Independence is very important.
Sometimes, students have to study by themselves; they should not rely solely on lecturers.
I was interviewed on what the students needed in order to succeed. I answered ‘independence’.

Well, I should practice what I preach too~~

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Hmm, friends around kept pestering me to buy a smartphone.
Well, initially I was reluctant due to the price of the phone and the fact that I do not normally spend much on phone bill.
In fact, the main reason they asked me to get a smartphone was because they wanted to contact me on whatsapp.
Of course, I was reluctant too as I already had whatsapp on PC.
Nevertheless, I happened to see a store which offered Nokia Lumia 520 at S$100 discount without any contract.


My new and old phone.

Well, I am still learning how to use Lumia. So for now, I will still stick to my old phone.
Hmm, at least Lumia looks smart enough: my friends should stop pestering me Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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Gift from a Friend


Received a cereal package from a friend.
He is a non-Christian. Yet, he is interested to hear some Bible stories.
So far, I have shared with him stories of some of the kings in the book of Chronicles and some prophets.
Yesterday, I told him about prophet Jonah.
He really liked the story of Jonah and later he passed this gift to me as a token of appreciation.

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