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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 16,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Christmas Celebration 23, December, 2013

Yoz! Had two Christmas celebrations last Monday.
The first was with the CG and the second was with my god-family.

231220136979 231220136980 231220136981

231220136984 231220136986

Nice food and drink! I did not take the beer ~ but I finished the fried rice on their behalf ~ 

231220136982 231220136983

Hungry people taking turn to grab food.

231220136989 231220136990

Sean and Audrey received their birthday presents.

We all also prayed for a new couple as they would like to officiate their relationship.
Hope they sail smoothly until they are married! Congratulations! ~~~

231220136993 231220136994

Cheesecake from a Christmas in celebration in family! Yay!

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Apple Cider Vinegar


Decided to try this drink.
According to this following link, apple cider vinegar offers much practical and health use.

1.) Detoxifying your home
2.) Regulates skin pH
3.) Shiny hair
4.) Removes teeth stain
5.) Treats sunburnt skin
6.) Natural aftershave
7.) Weight loss
8.) Natural massager
9.) Maintains body pH
10.) Body detox
11.) Cleanses lymphatic system
12.) Fights yeast infection
13.) Reduces heart burn
14.) Repels fleas
15.) Cleanser

Bought this bottle for S$10.8 in NTU canteen 1.
I shall try it to see if the benefits are true ~~~~

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Christmas Presents 2013


First.. chocolate cake from a professor!


A mug from onee-san! Winking smile


A speaker from a bookstore friend! Smile Smile


Chocolate from team 2 mate Open-mouthed smile

Anyone else would like to donate to me???

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Team 2 Outing 24, December, 2013

Had Christmas eve gathering with team 2 mates.
We met up the Mind Café at Funan Mall.
First we played Tumblin Monkey. It was a test of skill of hanging monkey toys.


Then the highlight game… Citadels!
We learned to steal, kill and destroy! (Does this phrase sound familiar to you??)
A church and a temple were destroyed.
Merchant was killed and bishop was robbed.
King was also assassinated and the assassin usurped the throne.
Architect wanted to build buildings but he was poor.
Really a backstabbing game!!


Here are the lovely people ~~~ 
Shall go outing with them again one day!

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Christmas at Pooperwick

Someone uploaded the video of CHC Christmas drama production this year.
So, in case you did not get the chance to enjoy the drama, here is the video! Smile
You can tell they are very professional dramatists! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

Btw, not forgetting Pastor Kong and Sun’s Christmas greeting Winking smile Winking smile

The Ink Room Duty 21, December, 2013

My team, team B, kicked start the Christmas duty last weekend.
We served from 11 am to 5 pm. It was just nice since I attended the 5.30 pm.

WP_20131221_006 WP_20131221_007 WP_20131221_008
The highlight of the products. Some Christmas gifts and sweets.
We tried our best to sell out all of them Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


Took photo of a customer too~~~

WP_20131221_002 WP_20131221_003

A lot of books. New arrivals. Well, I may need more time to memorize them all ~~~~


Some bookstore members were eating their lunch during break.
Our dress code was red or green.

I took photo with Pastor Zhuang too!!! Yay!


Christmas at Pooperwick.
A drama performance featuring the story of the birth of Lord Jesus and the story of reconciliation between two sisters.
I feel that Christmas production this year emphasizes a lot on singing.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 18 December 2013 Dinner Banquet

Finally, the conference ended with a dinner banquet! It was held at Traders Hotel near Orchard Road.
I was happy and sad: happy for the free food and sad because there will be no more free food Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20131218_002 WP_20131218_004

Hungry students and professors. The visit to Garden by the Bay really drained our energy.

WP_20131218_005 WP_20131218_006

A surprise Lion Dance performance to start the banquet!


A welcome speech by Prof. Lee Soo Ying.


Some instrumental music accompanying our dinner.

WP_20131218_013 WP_20131218_014 WP_20131218_017

WP_20131218_018 WP_20131218_022 WP_20131218_028

WP_20131218_037 WP_20131218_040

Great food!! Well, luckily I sat with my guy friends so we all unleashed our gluttony. Oops.

WP_20131218_030 WP_20131218_031 WP_20131218_036

I didn’t win any award. Yet, I was happy for my friends who did a wonderful in making great posters.
Well, time to return to reality, Jefri!~~~

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Sun’s Teaching 15, December, 2013

During the event of Magical Connexion some time back, Sun came and taught us some biblical principles about singleness and relationship.
After the teaching, she answered some questions from the audience.
I did not manage to note down the Q&A session.
Nevertheless, here is the note on her teaching.

Singleness isn’t a problem. Apostle Paul and Lord Jesus were single.
A myth: if only I’m married, I’ll be happy.
If you aren’t happy and whole as a single, you won’t be happy and whole when you are married.
Marriage is only as good as singleness. Nothing magical happens at the wedding altar.
If the person is insecure before the wedding vow, the person is insecure after the vow.
God first created Adam to be single first. He gave him a task to do.
Heb 11.
God used individuals even when they were couples.
One of the advantages of being single is freedom from cares of the world.

3 things single should cultivate.

1.) cultivate yourself.
– Physical attractiveness. Confidence. Eating healthy.
– Maintaining healthy size. Well groomed. Healthy skin. Choice of clothe and make up.
– Communication skill. We communicate via word, gesture and spirit. It is a two ways communication.
Learn to hold a meaningful communication. Smile is able to open somebody’s heart.
If you are mean-spirited, others will pick up the spirit. It will be a turn off
– Cultivate spirituality.
We should delight ourselves in the Lord: pray, grow in the word. A spiritual person has Lord Jesus at the center in his\her life.

2.) Cultivate relationship
Gen 2:18
The only defect was the aloneness. It is ok to be single. It is not ok to be alone.
The kingdom of God is the kingdom of relationship.
The better we relate to others, the better skill we have in marriage.

3.) Cultivate ministry for Jesus
Singleness gives us more free time to serve God.

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 18 December 2013 Garden by the Bay

On the fourth day of the conference (last Wednesday) we went to Garden by the Bay in the afternoon.
It was my second time there, the first being outing with the bookstore ministry people last year.
It was also my first time visiting Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.


The school provided free ticket to enter into these two places.


First thing that greeted me inside Cloud Forest

181220136874 181220136876 181220136891

181220136883 181220136884 181220136885

I really admired the layout and the plants there.


It is pretty educational too. In short, we should be careful with Global Warming.


My re-entry stamp into Cloud Forest.

181220136917 181220136918 181220136919

181220136921 181220136925 181220136934

181220136936 181220136937 181220136944

Plants and plants everywhere. I can live among the plants forever!

181220136951 181220136952 181220136954

181220136958 181220136964 181220136966

Pretty educational too Smile


The circle stamp is re-entry stamp into the Forest Dome.


Saw a couple taking a wedding photo shoot.
Maybe I should do the same in the future?? Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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