4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 18 December 2013 Garden by the Bay

On the fourth day of the conference (last Wednesday) we went to Garden by the Bay in the afternoon.
It was my second time there, the first being outing with the bookstore ministry people last year.
It was also my first time visiting Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.


The school provided free ticket to enter into these two places.


First thing that greeted me inside Cloud Forest

181220136874 181220136876 181220136891

181220136883 181220136884 181220136885

I really admired the layout and the plants there.


It is pretty educational too. In short, we should be careful with Global Warming.


My re-entry stamp into Cloud Forest.

181220136917 181220136918 181220136919

181220136921 181220136925 181220136934

181220136936 181220136937 181220136944

Plants and plants everywhere. I can live among the plants forever!

181220136951 181220136952 181220136954

181220136958 181220136964 181220136966

Pretty educational too Smile


The circle stamp is re-entry stamp into the Forest Dome.


Saw a couple taking a wedding photo shoot.
Maybe I should do the same in the future?? Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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