4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 18 December 2013 Dinner Banquet

Finally, the conference ended with a dinner banquet! It was held at Traders Hotel near Orchard Road.
I was happy and sad: happy for the free food and sad because there will be no more free food Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20131218_002 WP_20131218_004

Hungry students and professors. The visit to Garden by the Bay really drained our energy.

WP_20131218_005 WP_20131218_006

A surprise Lion Dance performance to start the banquet!


A welcome speech by Prof. Lee Soo Ying.


Some instrumental music accompanying our dinner.

WP_20131218_013 WP_20131218_014 WP_20131218_017

WP_20131218_018 WP_20131218_022 WP_20131218_028

WP_20131218_037 WP_20131218_040

Great food!! Well, luckily I sat with my guy friends so we all unleashed our gluttony. Oops.

WP_20131218_030 WP_20131218_031 WP_20131218_036

I didn’t win any award. Yet, I was happy for my friends who did a wonderful in making great posters.
Well, time to return to reality, Jefri!~~~

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