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CHC Trial 29, January, 2014 (Day 38-Day 12 Tranche 3)

The defense would like to see First Information Report (FIR) regarding the charges brought against CHC leaders.
Yet, times and again the prosecutors objected.
The defense asked why there was 2 years delay between the report (in 2008) and the investigation (in 2010).
The prosecutors objected again because this this and that.

Seriously, what are the exact charges against CHC leaders?
How come even the defense were not allowed to see the documents?
Dear defense team, please do your best to appeal so you can see the documents.

CHC Trial 28, January, 2014 (Day 37-Day 11 Tranche 3): Start of 13th Witness’ Testimony

Today the 13th witness, Kevin Han, began his testimony.
He was the officer in charge from CAD and he recommended that charges be brought to the church leaders.
He did not seize certain financial records from the auditors.
I heard it was a matter of debate in the court today.

The defense would like to know why he did not seize the documents.
The prosecutors argued the documents did not affect the investigation.

Now, I am reaaallly wondering what is going to happen.
If the documents reaaaaalllly do not affect the investigation, why would the prosecutors object them?
After all, wouldn’t everyone want to know the truth regardless of its relevance???
Why not let the judge decide whether or not the documents are relevant???

Pastor Phil Pringle’s Sermon 25, January, 2014: The Unshakable Church

Heb 12:26-28
God wants to shake the heaven and the earth. Finance, politics and economy are shaken so we who are unshakeable will be stronger.

2 Thes 2:1-2
It is important to make it to the end by staying unshakeable.

Eph 4:14
There are many winds of doctrines trying to shake us from our faith. It’s about us following Lord Jesus wholeheartedly.

How to be unshakable?

1.) dig deep-preparation.
Luke 6:47-48
Preparation can be annoying because nobody sees. Preparation: prayer, bible reading.

2.) commitment
A goods start: to serve God, to keep punctuality, keep attending the church.

3.) Jesus is the cornerstone.
God has given teachers.
Yet, we must keep our eyes with Jesus.
Relationship with Jesus is more important than any other relationship. He is the cornerstone.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Cg Dinner 23, January, 2014

Last Thursday the CG had dinner instead of usual cg meeting.
We went to a seafood stall Ga Hock Seafood Eating House at Upper Bukit TImah


If you zoom in, you can see the address.

230120147135 230120147136 230120147137

230120147139 230120147140 230120147141

Nice meals. The highlight was the crabs. My friends said the crabs tasted nice.
I did not take the crabs as I was busy finishing the veggies.

Good. Nice and clean plates!
Well, I am looking forward to the next cg outing next month.

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CHC Trial 24, January, 2014 (Day 36-Day 10 Tranche 3): The End of 12th Witness’ Turn

The first key witness was Wahju Hanafi. The second key witness was Sim Guan Seng.
First, the prosecutors had the chance to interview him.
Then, the defense’ turn came. They managed to refute a number (if not all) of the prosecutors’ arguments.
Last Friday, the prosecutors tried to establish their points again.
However, Sim was not really in favor of prosecutors’ argument anymore.

Thank God for such a smooth week!
Phew! That was close! The defense really did their job very very very well ~ ~ ~
The 13th witness will take his/her stand next Tuesday!
I shall pray he/she, too, will defend the leaders! ~ ~ ~

Dr. Bernard’s Sermon 19, January, 2014: Focus

Marriage’s goal is oneness.
Money, companionship, sharing are benefits of marriage, not goal.
Some people love others conditionally: as long as others do not offend them. True unconditional love: loving for no reason.

OT prophets prophesied the coming of Messiah who would deliver Israelites from oppression.
God promised Abraham’s Seed to become blessing to other nations.
God promised king David that his descendant would be the Messiah.
Lord Jesus’ first ministry was to the Jews. Yet, the Jews rejected Him.

Luke 9:51
The time of His ascension to heaven.
Lord Jesus focused on Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacle, Crucifixion and resurrection. He resolutely steeled Himself to go to Jerusalem.
Nowadays, people are easily distracted. Lord Jesus focused on what He had to do.
When I am focused, it doesn’t mean all other problems go away. I still have to deal with them.
Lord Jesus was focused. Yet, He still dealed with everyday lives: sending 70, meeting Mary and Martha, etc.
Focus: aligning mind and emotion and will on what I have to do. It doesn’t mean I don’t talk to people.

Focus is:
1.) a wondrous sensation of clarity and alertness.
2.) fearlessness in the face of opposition. There are obstacles but I don’t fear them as I want to reach my destination.
3.) confidence beyone the shadow of doubt that you can do whatever you set your mind to.
4.) keeping your head erect, your eye on the ball and knocking it out of the park.
5.) getting in the zone, keeping on your toes, staying on target, staying on top of things.
6.) power.
7.) taking hold of life and not letting go until your dreams become reality
8.) knowing that if God be for you, who can be against you.

We can’t focus without discipline. It is a bridge between thought and accomplishment.
All of us will have low point in life. It is different for different people.
When I am in low point, I will say enough is enough. I will engage discipline necessary to change my life.
After practicing discipline, I will reach high point. I may want to take a break then I will reach low point.
It isn’t God’s best. God wants us to stay focused. I need to maintain discipline to keep myself moving upward.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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CHC Trial 23, January, 2014 (Day 35-Day 9 Tranche 3): Details and more Details

No church money was lost.
It was returned to the church with interest. This evidence echoes Pastor Aries’ statement before: no church money was lost.
Indeed, the leaders had ensured their investment was well done. Building fund + interest = bigger building fund.
I really don’t see any evidence of round-tripping at all.
Perhaps the prosecutors will insist that there is round tripping when their turn comes?

Non-sensible transaction?
Now with more details, they have become sensible.

Some time back, Pastor Kong mentioned that the details are just a matter before the court and he could not reveal much at that time.
Now, more details are revealed. Slowly they are unfolded.
I see that defense has managed to refute prosecutors point by point.
Victory and vindication are coming ~ ~ ~ ~

CHC Trial 22, January, 2014 (Day 34-Day 8 Tranche 3): That’s My Defense Team

The defense team got their turn on Wednesday. Steadily they refuted prosecutors’ points.
Sim Guan Seng admitted he was not able to conclude anything if he had seen only separate documents.
This really weakens prosecutors’ argument.
He also knew that whatever Xtron bond would be redeemed.

Yup, for two days I thought the leaders were in danger.
It turns out that the defense managed to turn the situation around on the third day.
I really admire them to the max! One day I should take photo with them ~ ~ ~

Group Dinner 21, January, 2014

Last night my group had a combined dinner with another group.
We all went to Chinatown and enjoyed the spicy food there.


The venue

210120147117 210120147118 210120147119

210120147120 210120147121 210120147122

210120147123 210120147125 210120147127

Fantastic dinner. Spicy and oily. Hence, I did not take them much. I want to build muscle, that’s why.

210120147116 210120147129

They kept refilling their beer and cheering. I guess they finished at least 20 bottles of beer.

210120147126 210120147128

The hungry people last night.
Well, I have a feeling that this is the last group dinner I can join them….

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CHC Trial 21, January, 2014 (Day 33-Day 7 Tranche 3): Opinion Evidence

Hmm, it was the second day of prosecutor’s turn.
The prosecutor showed Sim Guan Seng many internal documents he had not seen before.
Basically the prosecutor asked him if he had seen all these documents, what impact would have been there in the final audit.
Sim commented the documents showed some ‘unusual’ business transaction.
The defense, on the other hand, objected such questioning by the prosecutor, calling it ‘opinion evidence’.

Hmm, interesting. I checked wikipedia regarding ‘opinion evidence’

Sim may be an expert witness.
But still, wouldn’t it be better to ask those involved in this internal documents rather than Sim??