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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 28, December, 2013: One in Christ Jesus

Behind this Name is God’s salvation work from Genesis.
CHC has a story and the author is God Himself. We are closing chapter 2013 and opening 2014.

Genesis 49:1-27
We should not skip reading this chapter. We can relate it to Lord Jesus and His church.

It was Jacob’s blessing. It should be viewed as a whole, not just individual blessing.

How could a son do such thing? Reuben was supposed to be a leader but he lacked self control.
None of us is perfect. Only Jesus is perfect. God expects us to overcome our fleshly desire.
Reuben made mistake but his brothers accepted him. That is a blessing. In church, we accept each other even if we are imperfect

Simeon and Levi killed people.
Jacob was wise.
Levi was not afraid of blood when he killed people. God made Levites priests so they killed animals everyday.
God can turn negativity into positivity. God is the God of restoration.

Judah was the leader. However, a leader isn’t enough for a nation.
In a company, if everyone is Oxford graduate, who will do the cleaning?

Zebulun did the trading in and out of Israel. He stayed at the borders, not prominent place.
In church, Zebulun represents ushers, greeters and security. These ministries are situated at church doors.

Issachar became a band of slaves. He willingly carried the burden.
In CHC, it represents JAMs, Children, Dialect, hearing impaired ministry.

Dan was a serpent in ambush.
This ministry isn’t at prominent place: intercession. They do spiritual warfare.

Gad bounced back after setback. There are many testimonies from those who are down but rise up.

Asher: people who knew where to get the best food. It represents hospitality ministry.

Naphtali: words.
In church, we have counsellors, preachers, teachers, back up vocals, choir. They encourage others with words.

Joseph was blessed and he blessed others. He invited his family to stay at the best land of Goshen.
In church, those who are blessed should bless others.

Benjamin was located at the center and was protected by other tribes.

In 1 chapter, Jacob used many animals analogy. God uses different personalities and gifts in His church.

1 Cor 12:14-27
Weaker members in church are indispensable.
If the leader can only accept strong members, he won’t learn gentleness and forgiveness.
Reuben, Simeon and Levi were necessary members.
In 2014,  will we accept people’s weakness?

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