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Team 2+Team 9 Outing 5, January, 2014

Had combined outing between team 2 and team 9 on Sunday.
Team 2 won a Swensen voucher. So, we used it in a fellowship session with team 9.


My leader really had a lucky hand.

WP_20140105_008 WP_20140105_007 WP_20140105_006

WP_20140105_003 WP_20140105_004 WP_20140105_001

Nice gathering over great food to get to make more friends~~~


Earthquake ice cream to complete the dinner! I was the one finishing it.
How to get rid of all the sugars? Simple. Work more and use up all the carbo~~~

WP_20140105_010 WP_20140105_009

Our wonderful people.
It’s good to make more friends.
Btw, it was team 9’s first outing and team 2’s third outing.
It looks we are going to have more combined outing from now on.
My team is really on~~~~

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Meals 4, January, 2014

Had meals… a hearty and fruit lunch last Saturday.


Papaya, avocado, grapes, kiwi, tomatoes and apples and pineapples!

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They say rice isn’t sugar since it is refined grain. Rough grain is healthier.
So.. I skipped rice for lunch!

WP_20140104_002 WP_20140104_003

Sliced fish soup. My only protein source last Saturday~~~

Hmm, what healthy food should I buy this coming Saturday??

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