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CHC Trial 13, January, 2014 (Day 27-Day 1 Tranche 3): Affecting or Not Affecting

The 10th prosecution witness, Tiang Yii, took a stand today.
She explained her role as an auditor for both City Harvest Church and Xtron in 2006-2007.
Readers can know more of her background from the video here.

Anyway, I am confused again.
Indeed, there was a discussion between John Lam and Pastor Tan on the possibility that Xtron could not pay church money back.
Tiang Yii somehow did not know about this discussion.
According to mainstream news, had he seen this discussion, it might have affected CHC’s audit report.
However, according City News:

”However, she claimed that knowledge of Xtron’s cashflow problems would not have affected her preparation of CHC’s audit reports, and thus it was immaterial whether she had been in the know about the insolvency concerns.”  

So, which one is right? Which one is wrong?
And in fact, was there really a need for her to know about this discussion in the first place?
Well, I trust City News more than mainstream news.
What about you?