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Team 2+9 (+other teams) Outing 19, January, 2014

Two weeks ago, my team had a combined outing with team 9 at the Swensen’s followed with Starbucks chat.
For my team, team 2, it was our 3rd outing in less than a month since we got to know each other.
Last Sunday we had another combined outing.
So, it was gathering of team 2, team 9 and some members from other teams as well ~ ~ ~
I don’t know why, somehow it felt great to hang out with them.
And btw, it is definitely not because I can keep getting ‘free’ stuff when I am around them (like free Swensen’s and Starbucks vouchers)
Wheeeeeee, 4th outing for my team!

WP_20140119_004 WP_20140119_005 WP_20140119_006

We first met up at Ichiban Sushi Vivo City.
Since I had eaten a lot during Ministry Appreciation, I only drank hot tea.
I remember I drank at least 5 cups…. and I only had to pay S$1.50!! Totally worth it!!


We then watched The Legend of Hercules at Golden Village.
After movie, we all had an outdoor chat under the starry sky.
Sooooo romantic.

190120147107 190120147109 190120147110

Some of us who had fun last Sunday.
Do look forward to the next news of outing, ok?

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The Ink Room Ministry Appreciation 19, January, 2014

Yesterday the bookstore ministry conducted a ministry appreciation.
We appreciated the volunteers who had set aside their time and energy to serve God in the bookstore.
I remember this ministry is called ‘ministry of literature’. That is, we provide spiritual material to help members grow in God.
Sometimes, members might not be able to recall the sermon.
Hence, we burn the sermon into CDs so they can listen to it times and again.
We encourage the members to read books too. Sometimes, some passages in the Bible may seem difficult to understand or to apply.
Hence, different book authors explain those difficult passages and how they apply in daily life.

190120147057 190120147058 190120147059

190120147062 190120147063 190120147070

Lunch first after the duty and before the event.

190120147072 190120147071

While listening to back-up vocalists singing.


Bookstore staff!

190120147074 190120147075 190120147076

Start of the event. Ice breaker game by Bernard.

190120147084 190120147087 190120147099

190120147101 190120147102 190120147094

We gave an award to the Best Retail Assistants, Best Cashier, Best Punctuality, Best Newcomers and Best Team Performance.
Well, once again, my team won the Best Team Performance for the second successive year ~ ~
We celebrated birthday too!


Ladies in Saturday B ~ ~ My team adopted masquerade theme.
Stay tuned for more crunchy news from The Ink Room, ok?

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