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Group Dinner 21, January, 2014

Last night my group had a combined dinner with another group.
We all went to Chinatown and enjoyed the spicy food there.


The venue

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210120147120 210120147121 210120147122

210120147123 210120147125 210120147127

Fantastic dinner. Spicy and oily. Hence, I did not take them much. I want to build muscle, that’s why.

210120147116 210120147129

They kept refilling their beer and cheering. I guess they finished at least 20 bottles of beer.

210120147126 210120147128

The hungry people last night.
Well, I have a feeling that this is the last group dinner I can join them….

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CHC Trial 21, January, 2014 (Day 33-Day 7 Tranche 3): Opinion Evidence

Hmm, it was the second day of prosecutor’s turn.
The prosecutor showed Sim Guan Seng many internal documents he had not seen before.
Basically the prosecutor asked him if he had seen all these documents, what impact would have been there in the final audit.
Sim commented the documents showed some ‘unusual’ business transaction.
The defense, on the other hand, objected such questioning by the prosecutor, calling it ‘opinion evidence’.

Hmm, interesting. I checked wikipedia regarding ‘opinion evidence’

Sim may be an expert witness.
But still, wouldn’t it be better to ask those involved in this internal documents rather than Sim??