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CHC Trial 22, January, 2014 (Day 34-Day 8 Tranche 3): That’s My Defense Team

The defense team got their turn on Wednesday. Steadily they refuted prosecutors’ points.
Sim Guan Seng admitted he was not able to conclude anything if he had seen only separate documents.
This really weakens prosecutors’ argument.
He also knew that whatever Xtron bond would be redeemed.

Yup, for two days I thought the leaders were in danger.
It turns out that the defense managed to turn the situation around on the third day.
I really admire them to the max! One day I should take photo with them ~ ~ ~

Group Dinner 21, January, 2014

Last night my group had a combined dinner with another group.
We all went to Chinatown and enjoyed the spicy food there.


The venue

210120147117 210120147118 210120147119

210120147120 210120147121 210120147122

210120147123 210120147125 210120147127

Fantastic dinner. Spicy and oily. Hence, I did not take them much. I want to build muscle, that’s why.

210120147116 210120147129

They kept refilling their beer and cheering. I guess they finished at least 20 bottles of beer.

210120147126 210120147128

The hungry people last night.
Well, I have a feeling that this is the last group dinner I can join them….

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CHC Trial 21, January, 2014 (Day 33-Day 7 Tranche 3): Opinion Evidence

Hmm, it was the second day of prosecutor’s turn.
The prosecutor showed Sim Guan Seng many internal documents he had not seen before.
Basically the prosecutor asked him if he had seen all these documents, what impact would have been there in the final audit.
Sim commented the documents showed some ‘unusual’ business transaction.
The defense, on the other hand, objected such questioning by the prosecutor, calling it ‘opinion evidence’.

Hmm, interesting. I checked wikipedia regarding ‘opinion evidence’

Sim may be an expert witness.
But still, wouldn’t it be better to ask those involved in this internal documents rather than Sim??

CHC Trial 20, January, 2014 (Day 32-Day 6 Tranche 3): A Key Witness’ Testimony

Sim Guan Seng used to be another auditor in charge of handling CHC and Xtron account.
His position is particularly special as he was an auditor when the money transfer took place.
Somehow he had not seen quite a number of email threads.
In my opinion, while this may seem like something is ‘hidden’, another way of looking is that the conversation had not reached conclusion yet.
Hence, they had not shown things to Sim Guan Seng yet.
Well, I could be wrong as I was not in the court room.
Anyway, I heard Sim’s testimony was not really in favor of the leaders.
I shall pray that somehow the defense can turn the table around. I am sure this is not the first time.

Team 2+9 (+other teams) Outing 19, January, 2014

Two weeks ago, my team had a combined outing with team 9 at the Swensen’s followed with Starbucks chat.
For my team, team 2, it was our 3rd outing in less than a month since we got to know each other.
Last Sunday we had another combined outing.
So, it was gathering of team 2, team 9 and some members from other teams as well ~ ~ ~
I don’t know why, somehow it felt great to hang out with them.
And btw, it is definitely not because I can keep getting ‘free’ stuff when I am around them (like free Swensen’s and Starbucks vouchers)
Wheeeeeee, 4th outing for my team!

WP_20140119_004 WP_20140119_005 WP_20140119_006

We first met up at Ichiban Sushi Vivo City.
Since I had eaten a lot during Ministry Appreciation, I only drank hot tea.
I remember I drank at least 5 cups…. and I only had to pay S$1.50!! Totally worth it!!


We then watched The Legend of Hercules at Golden Village.
After movie, we all had an outdoor chat under the starry sky.
Sooooo romantic.

190120147107 190120147109 190120147110

Some of us who had fun last Sunday.
Do look forward to the next news of outing, ok?

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The Ink Room Ministry Appreciation 19, January, 2014

Yesterday the bookstore ministry conducted a ministry appreciation.
We appreciated the volunteers who had set aside their time and energy to serve God in the bookstore.
I remember this ministry is called ‘ministry of literature’. That is, we provide spiritual material to help members grow in God.
Sometimes, members might not be able to recall the sermon.
Hence, we burn the sermon into CDs so they can listen to it times and again.
We encourage the members to read books too. Sometimes, some passages in the Bible may seem difficult to understand or to apply.
Hence, different book authors explain those difficult passages and how they apply in daily life.

190120147057 190120147058 190120147059

190120147062 190120147063 190120147070

Lunch first after the duty and before the event.

190120147072 190120147071

While listening to back-up vocalists singing.


Bookstore staff!

190120147074 190120147075 190120147076

Start of the event. Ice breaker game by Bernard.

190120147084 190120147087 190120147099

190120147101 190120147102 190120147094

We gave an award to the Best Retail Assistants, Best Cashier, Best Punctuality, Best Newcomers and Best Team Performance.
Well, once again, my team won the Best Team Performance for the second successive year ~ ~
We celebrated birthday too!


Ladies in Saturday B ~ ~ My team adopted masquerade theme.
Stay tuned for more crunchy news from The Ink Room, ok?

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CHC Trial 13-17 January 2014: Summary Video

Initially I was wondering why there was no longer daily video posted by City News team.
It turned out that they posted one video as summary of this week trials.
I salute them for being so committed in their ministry duty.
DNA of CHC, that’s why ~ ~ ~
Well, I should not lose to them when it comes to ministry duty.
I shall professionally tend to the bookstore ~ ~ ~