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Chinese New Year 31, January, 2014

A family time. Once in a year event.
I used to spend only half day with them. The remaining half day I spent in the lab.
Yet, yesterday I really spent the entire day with them.
It felt great to talk to god-relatives.

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Vegetarian food in the morning and afternoon.
Very healthy. They say Chinese New Year cookies contain high calories. This one is very very safe.

310120147154 310120147155

Trying to take picture of the whole relatives.
Somehow, it looked fun to have many kids. Can build my own big relatives too ~ ~ 

310120147159 310120147160 310120147163

310120147164 310120147165 310120147166

In the evening, we went to another relatives’ house.
He is really good in making prawn noodle. Yummy!

310120147157 310120147167 310120147168 

My god-nephew.
Very active and clever.
Shall make sure he will score plenty As in the future.

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Hong Baos 31, January, 2014


First day of Chinese New Year.
Visiting god-relatives in Singapore.
Saying “Gong Xi Fa Cai Wan Shi Ru Yi Shen Ti Jian Kang” (Well, my god-cousins could say longer lines)
Not bad income!! Better than last year!!!~ ~ ~

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