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CHC Trial 6, February, 2014 (Day 40-Day 14 Tranche 3): Know or Don’t Know

Hmm, I heard that the witness, Foong Ai Fang, initially testified that she had no clue about the CHC-Xtron bonds or the arrangements.
This was during the prosecution’s turn (5, Feb).
During the defense’s turn, the defense showed that she actually knew many things about the bond.
For instance, the defense showed that Ai Fang and Serina discussed a lot regarding the bond.

Hmm, I don’t get it.
Previously Foong Daw Ching did the same. He first said “I don’t know.” Later on, it emerged that he actually knew many things.
Foong Ai Fang did the same too. She said she was not privy to the bond details. But now it is proven she knew many things.

While I can speculate this and that over her contradicting response, I will just assume she forgot what she did previously.
Shall give her the benefit of doubt.

Group Meeting 6, February, 2014

Was invited to a group meeting of another lab.
They had pizza and snacks throughout the presentation.

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Toward the end of the meeting, they still could not finish the food.
Sooooooo…. the food went to me!
It was my dinner yesterday, breakfast+lunch today!
Niiiiicceee! Swweeeeettttt!

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