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CHC Trial 7, February, 2014 (Day 41-Day 15 Tranche 3):

– Foong Ai Fang as an auditor had no problems with the use of building fund to buy Xtron bonds.
– She knew about the working of audit and she found the CHC leaders to be cooperative in answering her questions.

Come on. Wouldn’t that prove the honesty of the leaders when it comes to audit matters?
Dear Judge See Kee Oon, please declare them innocent, ok?

On another note, Defense Edwin Tong managed to get approval of his request.
The court will see a new document this coming Monday to prove the leaders were very cooperative with the auditors.
So, the prosecution’s point that the auditors were kept in the dark shall be weakened.

~ ~ ~ ~ Yyyyyeeeesssshhhhh ~ ~ ~ ~