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CHC Trial 10, February, 2014 (Day 42-Day 16 Tranche 3): The End of 14th Witness’ Turn

Last week Friday, the defense managed to convince the court to get one more audit working paper from Baker Tilly/
So on Friday evening, Baker Tilly passed 2009 working paper to the court.
This morning the defense whacked prosecution’s claim left-right-center.
Prosecution’s claim the auditors were kept in the dark.
Yet, the evidence showed the auditors were intimately involved in the working paper.
That is my defense team! Thank you so much for the great work!

Today the prosecution ended making their case.
The judge decided that both prosecution and defense should submit a document.
The prosecution should argue why the defendants are answerable.
The defense would argue why the defendants are not answerable.

Well, I seriously believe the prosecution will have a super hard time!!!

Family Function 8, February, 2014

Had another family gathering last Saturday. Well, it was about one week after the Chinese New Year.
Too bad I could not join them most of the time as I was busy with personal stuff.
Nevertheless, here are the photos.

080220147255 080220147256

WP_20140208_001 WP_20140208_002

We did Lo Hei with fruits. Interesting, isn’t it?

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