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How to Celebrate Valentine

Well, according to Fairy Tail… by making babies!!!

Natsu and Lucy-b

Natsu and Lucy 2b

Natsu and Lucy 3b


Will you marry me Gray Juvia 2-b

Will you marry me Gray Juvia-b

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Red Banana!!!

Yup, believe it or not. There is red banana.
The day before, I had a joke with god-family regarding brown banana.
The next day, guess what… I found this red banana in a convenient store!!!

100220147261 140220147266

Well, initially it was hard and raw. I had a hard time chewing it.
After a long waiting time, it was ripe on its own.. and.. it went into my tummy!

100220147262 100220147263

Red on the outside.. yellow in the inside. Nice!

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College of Science Happy Hour 14, February, 2014

Food. Food. FREEEEEE food.
This is how my school gave a treat to the students.
Well, initially the banquet was intended for the faculty and admin staff.
Of course, they could not finish the food.
The students (including me) were there to scavenge clear up the extra food.

WP_20140214_001 WP_20140214_004 WP_20140214_005

WP_20140214_008 WP_20140214_011 WP_20140214_012

Well, a treat on Valentine Day.


The faculty and students were gossiping discussing over food.

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