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Team 2 Outing 16, February, 2014

Yoooosh! Had the fifth outing with team 2 last Sunday!
We went to Aloha Loyang, had BBQ and chalet there!
The place was pretty far from the nearest bus stop. Hence, it was an exercise time too.

160220147278 160220147279 160220147283

The guys were busy cooking the food. Well, the ladies also came and helped cooking.
For me, I was busy…. finishing the food!


A teammate was showing off his skill in cooking.

160220147276 160220147277 160220147288

They look nice, agree?


Another teammate brought this tasty ice cream too!

160220147294 160220147295 170220147299

The guys passed flowers to the sisters. Well, the guys gotta practice how to woo girls, that’s why.


Our happy team 2.
Most likely I will have fun with them in the series of events conducted under Makan Connexion.
Stay tuned for more juicy news, ok?

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