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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 15, February, 2014: Love Is

The most important thing in life is relationship. Our relationship determines happiness, success and character.
The essence of any great relationship is love. What is love?

1.) Love is chemistry.
It is a feeling. I enjoy the presence of that person. We can feel the click.
Feeling in love is incredible feeling: like to talk, think and object of affection.
Gen 29:20
Jacob liked Rachel so much. It was a love at first sight.
Song 2:5
Shulamite was so in love. When a couple is in love, the brain releases much pleasure chemicals.

2.) Love is choice
Love feeling may dwindle over time when the baby comes, promotion in work or ministry. Marriage requires hard work to maintain.
1 Cor 13:4-8
Love is a choice we have to make again and again.
We are not perfect. When we are about to get angry, we then should remember that love is kind.
Loving in word and action. Loving action will produce loving feeling.
Rev 2:4-5
Fallen out of love? We should do things we used to do while dating.
True love is never passive. “I’m gonna court her all over again.”
To love is to benefit others at the expense of self. We always decide to treat others well even if others do not do the same.

3.) Love is a commitment.
Gen 24:67
It was arranged marriage.
Commitment is the foundation of marriage. Isaac was committed  to marriage then he loved Rebeccah.
A marriage is permanent agreement, a covenant.
Mal 2:16
Let’s replace divorce with commitment.
Commitment: willing to be unhappy while working at it.

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