Pastor Kong’s Sermon 22, February, 2014: How to Fireproof Your Faith

Ex 33:14, Judg 6:16, 2 Cor 6:16
It’s possible to find rest in the midst of fire because God is with us.
God will walk and dwell among us all.

3 steps to fireproof our faith:

1.) Thanksgiving
1 Thes 5:16-18
Rejoice always in good or bad things.
When we find it hard to give thanks, we can remind ourselves of His past and current blessings.
In fact, we can always thank Lord Jesus for His sacrifice.

2.) Praise
We thank God for what He has done. We praise God for who He is.
He is the Healer and the Creator.
Praise expresses our faith. Praise involves sacrifice.
We put aside our own disappointment and anxiety then we praise God by declaring His character.
Heb 13:15, Ps 149:6-9
We continually praise God. Even if we can’t praise God through lips, we can praise God through thought.
God will move to fight on our behalf as we sing praise to Him.
Luke 10:17-21
Rejoice: agalliao. Lord Jesus leaped for joy.

3.) Worship
It isn’t about getting what we want. It’s about staying close to God. God isn’t looking for worship.
John 4:23
God is looking for true worshipers.
Thanksgiving relates to God’s goodness. Praise relates to God’s greatness. Worship relates to His holiness and loveliness.
When we worship God, we don’t have personal agenda. Worship is about love to God and not about our needs.
Worship: proskuneo: to lean forward to kiss.
Worship comes with attitude of submission, not aggression. Even if the provision and deliverance never come, we can still submit to Him.
The heart of worship is the worship that comes from the heart.
Surrendering to God can be painful as it may be born in trial and suffering.

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